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==Hardware connection==
*Raw panel + ESP8266 Driver Board
: If you have the ESP8266 e-Paper Driver board as well as an e-Paper raw panel. You can just connect the e-paper panel to the ESP8266 board
: Configure the switch according to the type of display
:[[File:Epd esp8266 hardware 1.png|400px]]
!Trigger state!!e-Paper
|A||1.54inch e-Paper, 2.13inch e-Paper, 2.13inch e-Paper (D), 2.9inch e-Paper
|B||1.54inch e-Paper (B), 1.54inch e-Paper (C)
2.13inch e-Paper (B), 2.13inch e-Paper (C)<br/>
2.7inch e-Paper (B)<br />
2.9inch e-Paper (C), 2.9inch e-Paper (B)<br />
4.2inch e-Paper (B), 4.2inch e-Paper (C)<br >
5.83inch e-Paper (B), 5.83inch e-Paper (C) <br />
7.5inch e-Paper (B), 7.5inch e-Paper (C), 7.5inch HD e-Paper, 7.5inch HD e-Paper (B)<br />
'''Note: The ACeP e-Paper doesn't support this connecting method.'''
*e-Paper Module/HAT + ESP8266 Board
: If you have the ESP8266 Board as well as the e-Paper module/HAT which has PCB already, you can wire the displays by 8-pin cable pin
{|border=1; style="width:700px;" align="center"
|+ Connect to ESP8266 Driver Board
|-style="background:#2D6FDF; color:white;" align="center"
==Run the Demo Codes==
==Run the Demo Codes==
*Open the Arduino IDE
*Open the Arduino IDE

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Run the Demo Codes

  • Open the Arduino IDE
  • Choose File->Examples-> waveshae-e-Paper -> And the project according to the type of display
Epd esp8266 example 2.png
  • Build and program the ESP8266 board
  • Open the serial monitor, you can check the debug information when running the demo codes