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You can download and install the APP by scanning the QR codes
Cloud APP.png

Lead Information

Every time the device start, it will do partial refresh and display status icons.
Hereby provide the refrence of icons.

Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board wait.png Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board set.png Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board batter.png Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board wifi.png Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board wifi connect.png
Waiting Setting Low Voltage WIFI Host
  • Waiting: The device is waiting for commands.
  • Setting: Setting is finished.
  • Low Voltage: The voltage of battareis is lower than warnning value.
  • WIFI: The wifi is connected.
  • Host: The devices is connected to target host by IP address.
  • Generally, you should press the button to wake up the device and check the icons. The warnning voltage is 3600mv, once the voltage is 150mv lower than warnning voltage (3450mv), the devices will shutdown automatically to protect the stable of the whole system.

Configure Device

First Setup

If you didn't configure the device before, you should configure the device by APP after pressing the Wakeup button to update the display①. Please refer to #1.4 Configure Device by APP to configure the device.②
①If the device isn't configured, Waiting icon is displaed in the top-right area. If the Low Voltage icon is displayed without Waiting, it means that the batteris is less than 3450mv and it is going to shutdown.
②If the device doesn't connect to Bluetooth, it will shutdown after 90s after booting and refreshing the display.


If the device was configured, the device will update and display Setted icon in the top-right area① after pressing wakeup button. The Bluetooth is disabled by default, if required, you should hold the wakeup button for 5s at least to enable the Bluetooth②. The updating process of device will not be interrupted③ while enabling the Bluetooth. After enabling the Bluetooth, you can re-configure the device by referring to #1.4 Configure Device by APP ④.
①The update time of the device is determined by the speed of WIFI, It should less than 30s as we test.。
②You can hold the wake-up button until your phone scan the device via Bluetooth. Otherwise, the device auto-shutdown if the Bluetooth is disconnected.。
③If you enable the Bluetooth of the device, it will try to connect to master (phone) in 30s if the shutdown command is received via wifi. If the device is connected to the phone by Bluetooth, it will keep waking, otherwise, it will be turned off after 30s.
④You should reboot the device after configuration to make the configuration effect. Please do not reboot the device when transmitting data via WIFI, it will cost data loss.

APP Description

Cloud Epd app 1.png
Bluetooth Connection Button and the information
Cloud Epd app 2.png
Device ID: for distinguish devices
Cloud Epd app 3.png
Cloud Epd app 4.png
Check the current SSID connected
Cloud Epd app 5.png
Cloud Epd app 6.png
Host_IP, The IP of host, for example, the IP of Raspberry Pi.
Cloud Epd app 8.png
Device_IP: This is used to set the static IP. If you enable DHCP, the static IP is unavailable
Cloud Epd app 7.png
Device_Password, you should input the device password to vertify if the device is locked.

Note: The default device password of the Raspberry Pi example is 123456. If you lock the device you have to unlock it with password 123456, otherwise, the device cannot work.

Cloud Epd app 9.png

Warning_voltage: If the voltage of batteries is less than the warning voltage, the device will display the warning icon. If the battery is 150mV lower than the warning voltage, the device will shutdown automatically.

Cloud Epd app 10.png
Load the configuration saved
Cloud Epd app 11.png
Save the current configuration, you can save up to four sets of configuration
Cloud Epd app 12.png
Upload the current configuration to device.
Cloud Epd app 13.png
Formating: Clean the current configuration

Configure Device by APP

Ⅰ. Open APP(APP will auto-save the last configuration information)
Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board manual 1.png
Ⅱ. Click the Bluetooth CONNECTION button, the default Bluetooth device is WaveShare_EPD or the Device ID configured.
Ⅲ. Choose the device, for example, connect the WaveShare_EPD. If you are the first time to connect the WaveShare_EPD device, it should be paired first.
Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board manual 4.png
Ⅳ. Modify the configuration information and Upload(If you have configured the password, you need to input the password as well.)
Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board manual 5.png
Ⅴ. The APP will disconnect and reboot the device if the configuration is uploaded successfully.
Cloud ESP32 e-Paper Board manual 6.png
Note: We recommend you set static IP for the device.

Communicating Protocol

Communicating is divided into two modes: Command mode and the data mode. Command mode is used for sending commands. data Mode is used for sending image data to e-Paper.

Command Format


Data Format

0x57+4Byte addr+ 4Byte len +1Byte num + len Byte data +Verify

Return Format

'$'+Data+'#' The format of response of Command and Data are the same

Note:The Verity is the XOR result of data which is marked in red

Command Mode:

Command Format


Commands (locked)

Comamnd Desctiption Return
'C' Check if the device is locked Parity bit + Flag bit 0 or 1, 0: unclocked, 1: locked.
‘N' + Device password Unclocked the device Parity bit + Flag bit 0 or 1, 0: failed to lock; 1: lock the device successffully.
'G' Get the ID of device ID
'r' + Sleep time (<9999) Set the device to sleep mode Parity bit

PS: The sleep command is only available in 2.13inch e-Paper Cloud Module.

These commands can be used if the device is locked.

Comamnds (unlocked)

Command Description Return
'0' + name Modify the ID Parity bit
'1' + IP address Modify the IP address of Host Parity bit
‘2’+SSID Modify the WIFI SSID Parity bit
‘3’+password Modify the WIFI password Parity bit
‘P’+userpassword Modify the device password Parity bit
'L' +'0' / 'L' + '1' Set the device lock; 1 to lock and 0 to unlock Parity bit
's' + '0' /'s' + '1' Set the flag bit, 0 to disable and 1 to enable Parity bit
'F' Enter data mode Parity bit
'B' Open Bluetooth Parity bit
'b' Check the current voltage of battery Parity bit + voltage of battery (mv)
'S' Shutdown Parity bit
'R' Restart Parity bit
These commands can be used when the device is unlocked.

Data Mode:

Data Format

0x57+4Byte addr+ 4Byte len +1Byte num + len Byte data +Verify
Data Lebs Content
addr 4byte Address if data
len 4byte Length os data
num 1byte The frame number of current sector
data len byte The data transmitted


  1. Recommend you to transmit the frames with same lenght
  2. The size of frame transmitted should not larger than 1100Byte, otherwise it cose data lose.
  3. num should be static variable because it may be invalid because of version update.
  4. The data frame doesn't have a stop bit, you need to wait for the verity data before sending the next frame, otherwise, it causes failure.
  5. The e-Paper will update automatically and exit from update mode when the addr and len are 0.

For mare detailes, please refer to the python3 examples provided.