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Write Raspberry Pi OS

hdmi_cvt 1920 1080 60 6 0 0 0
  • Save and insert the micro SD card to Raspberry Pi.
  • Connect the Magic mirror to network and power on Raspberry Pi.
  • After booting, you can access Raspberry Pi via SSH, or directly connect the keyboard and mouse.

Check the USB Audio Card

  • Test the sound output device
aplay -l
  • Test the sound input device
arecord -l


To reduce consumption, USB interfaces are disabled in CM4 by default. If you need to use USB ports, please add the following line to config.txt file.


Then reboot the CM4. If you use the newest Bullseye image, the USB2.0 is set to OTG mode by default, and it occurs the error in CM4:

config failed, hub doesn't have any ports! (err -19)

To remove the errors, you can remove the line otg_mode=1 from config.txt file and add the line:


kepp display lighting all the time

  • Modify lightdm.conf
sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
  • Find the line "Xserver-command" below [SeatDefaults] section and change it from


xserver-command=X -s 0 -dpms
  • Then save and reboot
sudo reboot


To use the RS232 interface, please modify the config.txt file:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Add the following line the file and save



To use the RS485, you need to enable the serial port of PI

sudo raspi-config

Choose Interface Option -> Serial -> No -> Yes, then reboot

Keys description


  • 1: Open or Close LCD display. If you don't need the LCD for long time, you can use this button to reduce consumption
  • 2: Direction button
  • 3: "OK" function
  • 4: Open menu and "Return" function