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<div class="tabbertab" title="Introduction">

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RGB LED Matrix Panel 64×32 Pixels 3.0mm Pitchs





RGB Full-Color LED Matrix Panel, 64×32 Pixels, Adjustable Brightness



  • 2048 individual RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness.
  • 64 x 32 pixels, 3mm pitch, allows displaying text, colorful images, or animation.
  • 192 x 96mm dimensions, moderate size, suitable for DIY desktop display or wall mount display.
  • Onboard two HUB75 headers, one for controller data input, one for output, and chain support.
  • Provides open-source development resources and tutorials, for use with Raspberry Pi, Pico, ESP32, Arduino, and so on.


DIMENSIONS 192mm × 96mm
PIXELS 64 × 32=2048 DOTS
CONTROL TYPE synchronization
DRIVING 1/16 scan
POWER SUPPLY 5V / 2.5A(VH4 header input)

Header Definition


VCC 5V power input GND Ground
R1 R higher bit data R2 R lower bit data
G1 G higher bit data G2 G lower bit data
B1 B higher bit data B2 B lower bit data
A A line selection B B line selection
C C line selection D D line selection
E E line selection CLK clock input
LAT/STB latch pin OE output enable

Note: The power supply port (VCC and GND) of the display is 5V, do not connect to other power supply voltages, or you will burn the display.

Usage Scenarios

DIY Maker Desktop Or Wall Mount Display, Signboard, Environment Monitor...


User Guides of ESP32-S2-Pico

Environment Setting

Our demo is based on Arduino, please refer to Arduino Environment Setting


Note: A Pico baseboard is required for use here.
Click to download the programFile:Pico-RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32-Demo (5).zip, after the download is complete, go to Pico-RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32-Demo\ESP32-S2-Pico\Arduino,
1. Copy RGBMatrix-master to the libraries in the Arduino installation directory;
2. Go back to RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32-Demo\\ESP32-S2-Pico\Arduino, open the .ino file in EzTimeTetrisClockESP32S2 and follow the steps below to download

Example display


【Function Description】

  • Time display screen:
    • Display date, week, hour, minute, lunar calendar and temperature
  • Function setting menu
    • date setting
    • time setting
    • BEEP setting (beep setting)
    • Auto Brightness
    • language settings

User Guides of Arduino Mega

Hardware Connection

Material Needed

  • RGB-Matrix-P3-64 x 32 (this product)
  • Arduino Mega (sold separately)

Hardware Connection Picture


Software Setting

  • Download arduino-1.8.15 (the corresponding library files have been installed)
  • After connecting the wires according to the hardware connection diagram, the software settings are as follows:

Example display

RGB text display

The effect of running the example is shown in the figure below:

DSC 0003.jpg

【Function Description】

  • Display screen:
    • Displayable icon
    • Can display text and numbers and other text content

User Guides of ESP32

Hardware connection

Materials needed

  • RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32(This product)
  • NodeMCU-32S(To be purchased separately, if not, it is recommended to buy a version with a soldered pin header, which is convenient for direct insertion)

ESP32 connection pin correspondence

RGB LED Matrix Pins used (HUB75 interface)
bottom plate ESP32 Pin description
R1 GP13 High-order R data
A GP19 A row selection
B GP23 B line selection
C GP18 C row selection
D GP5 D line selection
E GP15 E row selection
CLK GP14 Clock Input
STB/LAT GP22 Latch Pin
OE GP0 Output Enable
Connect data input to data output
Data Input Data Output Pin Description
G1 R2 High G data
B1 G2 High-order B data
R2 R1 Lower R data
G2 G1 Low G data
B2 B1 Lower B data


Software settings

  • Download arduino-1.8.15 (corresponding library files have been installed)
  • After connecting the wires according to the hardware connection diagram, the software settings are as follows:
  • Notice:
    • You need to set up wifi, otherwise the program will not work properly

Example display

Tetris clock (with network calibration)

The running effect of the sample program is shown in the figure below:

DSC 0348.jpg

【Function Description】

  • Time display screen:
    • Time calibration via ESP32 network
    • display time
    • Block animation effect display




If you require technical support, please go to the Support page and open a ticket.