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Jetson Nano Case (C)
Jetson Nano Case (C)

Case for Jetson Nano Developer Kit.





Jetson Nano Metal Case (C), Camera Holder, Internal Fan Design

Assembly guide


Jetson Nano Case (C) Assembly

Check the components before assembling.
Step 1
Remove the Jetson nano, assemble the wireless module and replace it.
Step 2
Mount the buttons on the metal box, note that the button with four wires is the Power button and another which has two wires are the Reset button.

If you are using an old version (A02) of the development kit, please refer to the picture below for the button wiring. (The A02 version does not have a system status light pin, so the POWER button only needs to be connected to the key pin, and the LED light pin is not connected.)

Step 3
Connect buttons to Jetson Nano, please refer to the diagram. Insert the micro SD adapter board into the Micro SD card slot of Jetson nano. Press it to let it lock. Note that if you buy a Jetson Nano DEV KIT, the TF card adapter board is not applicable, please insert the TF card directly into the card slot on the bottom board, the adapter board is only suitable for Nvidia official kit. When removing the adapter board, you need to press it to ensure that the adapter board has popped up, and then pull it out. Do not pull it out directly, otherwise, it will easily damage the card slot.
Step 4
Adjust the cables, mount the Jetson Nano developer Kit in the Metal box and fix it with screws. You should also fix the Micro SD card adapter board with a screw.
Step 5
Fix the Jetson Nano GPIO adapter board in the metal box by skews.
Step 6
Fix the antennas of the wireless module on the metal box. Assemble the cooling fan.
Step 7
Connect Jetson nano to the GPIO adapter by cable.
Step 8
Fix the camera holder-bottom on the metal cover.
Step 9
Fix camera on camera holder-top with nylon screws.
Step 10
Assemble camera holders with screws, adjust the angle and turn it tightly.
Step 11
Connect the cable cables to Jetson Nano (you can first remove it from cameras), If you have only one camera, just need to connect one cable.
Step 12
Assemble the case, connect the Camera and antennas.