ICE Tower Fan for Pi

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How to assemble


Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B

  • 1. Fixed the steel mounting fixer to radiator's heat dissipation cube with M2.0 screws
  • 2. Fixed the steel mounting fixer to Raspberry Pi’s mounting hole with M2.5 copper stick, and please make sure the heat dissipation is contact to CPU shield properly.
  • 3. Fixed the copper stick to Raspberry Pi with M2.5 nuts.
  • 4. Connect the red wire to GPIO 5V pin and black wire to GPIO GND pin.

Package Include

  • ICE Tower Fan for Pi x1


PS: Product does not contain thermal silicone grease, but if you have thermal silicone the dispassion effect will be better.

Customer Review


  • Q: Can it be install to my retroflag case?
 A: No, the dimension is too big. 
  • Q: How many degrees can be decreased ?
 A: We've tested it at room temperature 25℃, it can decreased about 40℃.
  • Q: Does it easy to assemble?
 A: Yes, it is very easy to install, we've provided an instruction for you.