How to Install Ubuntu Virtual Image

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JetBot ROS AI Kit Basic Tutorial

Step 1: Install VMware on PC

The robot uses the ubuntu virtual machine as the remote control terminal, and it is more convenient and intuitive to control the robot by using various graphical tools of ROS. Here, open the Ubuntu image through VMware virtual machine software. VMware version is not lower than 16.

  • Download VMware 16
  • Click to download the configured Ubuntu virtual machine image file below; if you want to configure the Ubuntu ROS system by yourself, you can refer to the advanced tutorial. It is recommended to use our configured image for the first time to avoid various problems when configuring the image yourself.
| Ubuntu JetBot Image
  • Install and run the VMware software, click "File -> Open -> Open the downloaded <Ubuntu JetBot.vmx>", click "Start this virtual machine" and log in, where the username and password are: jetbot.

Ubuntu Virtual Image01.png
Ubuntu Virtual Image02.png

Step 2: Get Virtual IP and Hostname

  • Open the terminal or press Ctrl+Alt+t, enter the following commands to obtain the IP address and host name of the virtual machine and remember, the subsequent multi-machine communication will use [Note: At this time, we need to ensure that the PC and jetson nano are connected to the same WiFi. The Ubuntu image file and PC we configured are in bridge network mode, under the same WiFi, the virtual machine and jetson nano are in the same network segment.]
ifconfig #Get the IP address of the virtual machine
hostname #Get the hostname of the virtual machine

Ubuntu Virtual Image04.png

  • Enter the following command to add the IP address of jetson nano, and the password is: jetbot [The editor can use /etc/hosts, or you can use vim, and choose a text editor according to personal habits.]
sudo nano /etc/hosts
  • As shown in the figure below, change the line below ubuntu to the ip and hostname of jetson nano. If this line is commented out, it needs to be uncommented.

Ubuntu Virtual Image05.png

  • After modification, press Ctrl+X, enter Y to save, and press Enter to exit.