How to Install Jetson Nano Image

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JetBot ROS AI Kit Basic Tutorial

Step 1: Program Jetson Nano Image

  • Tip: If you have bought a whole package, you will get an SD card with a programmed image, and you can skip this step.
  • The configured image is provided here. If you want to configure the image by yourself, you can refer to the advanced tutorial. It is recommended to use our configured image for the first time to avoid problems when configuring the image yourself.
  • Prepare an SD card (minimum 64G) and insert it into the computer with a card reader.
  • Please use SDFormatter to format the SD card. [Note that other storage devices should be disconnected when formatting so as to prevent misoperation.]

Jetson Nano Image01.jpg

Jetson Nano Image02.png

  • After programming, please eject the SD card.

Step 2: Connect Jetson Nano to WiFi (with Display)

  • Tip: Connect peripherals such as monitors here, the main purpose is to easily connect to WiFi; if you do not have a monitor, you can refer to step 3.
  • Insert the SD card into the Jetson Nano (the SD card slot is on the back of the Jetson Nano core board).
  • Prepare mouse, keyboard, monitor and connect to jetson nano board.

Jetson Nano Image03.png

  • Turn on the power switch to start the Jetson Nano, and log in after the display lights up normally, where the user name and password: jetbot.

Jetson Nano Image04.png

  • As login successfully, you can click WiFi to connect [Note: Make sure that jetson nano and PC are connected to the same network, otherwise subsequent communication will fail].

Jetson Nano Image05.png

  • After connecting to WiFi successfully, the OLED screen of the JetBot will automatically display the IP address of the WiFi.

Jetson Nano Image06.png

  • Unplug the mouse, keyboard and other peripherals, and we can perform SSH remote login.

Step 2: Connect Jetson Nano to WiFi (without Display)

  • Connect the network cable to the Jetson Nano, and then the Jetbot will display the IP address of the network cable [Note: Your PC and Jetson Nano should be connected to the same route to ensure the same network segment, otherwise SSH remote login will fail].
  • Click to download MobaXterm software for SSH remote login.
  • Open MobaXterm, click "Session -> SSH", fill in the IP address displayed by the car in the host, and press Enter to open the terminal; the login name and password are jetbot.

Jetson Nano Image11.png

  • Start connecting to WiFi
    • 1. Enter the command, switch to super user mode, password: jetbot.
  •  sudo su root 
    • 2. Enter the command to turn on WiFi.
  •  nmcli r wifi on 
    • 3. Enter the command to scan for WiFi.
  • nmcli dev wifi
    • 4. Enter the command to connect to the WiFi network [where wifi_name and wifi_password are the WiFi name and password you want to connect to].
  •  nmcli dev wifi connect wifi_name password wifi_passward 
    • 5. The display of "successfully" means the WiFi connection is successful, please reboot and unplug the network cable, it will automatically connect to the WiFi you specified after booting.

Jetson Nano Image12.png

Step 4: SSH Remote Login

  • In the previous steps, we connected the jetson nano and the PC host to the same WiFi, and after restarting the jetson nano will generally remain connected to the original WiFi, and the IP will remain unchanged.
  • In the following operations, we all use SSH remote login to start the robot node.
  • When the jetson nano is powered on, the OLED screen of the car will display the IP address of the last connected WiFi. At this time, the IP address of the WiFi will be displayed first. If the WiFi is not connected, the IP address of the wired network port will be displayed.

Jetson Nano Image06.png

  • Download MobaXterm software for SSH Remote Login.
  • Open MobaXterm, click "Session -> SSH", fill in the IP address displayed by the car in the host, and press Enter to open the terminal; the login name and password are jetbot.

Jetson Nano Image11.png

Step 5: Get Virtual IP and Hostname

  • Open the robot terminal and enter the following command, check the IP and hostname of the Jetson Nano and remember that it will be used for subsequent multi-machine communication.
ifconfig #Get the IP address of the virtual machine
hostname #Get the hostname of the virtual machine

Jetson Nano Image14.png

  • Enter the command to check the WiFi name that Jetson Nano is connected to, and make the PC also connect to the same WiFi.
iwconfig wlan0 #View WiFi name

Jetson Nano Image15.png