HDMI to CSI Adapter

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HDMI to CSI Adapter

HDMI To CSI Adapter For Raspberry Pi Series, [email protected] Support





This is an HDMI to CSI camera port adapter designed for Raspberry Pi with up to [email protected] support from HDMI input, backward compatible. It allows you to use HDMI cameras just as the standard Raspberry Pi CSI cameras, all versions of Raspberry Pi series boards are supported.



Connect the FPC cable of Raspberry Pi to the CSI interface of Raspberry Pi. The CSI interface of Pi 2B, 3B, 3B+ located between the LAN port and HDMI port. The CSI interface of Pi 4 is placed between the HDMI1 interface and the audio jack. If you use Pi zero, the CSI interface is beside the Power port. Here is the diagram of Pi 4. 4B
Note that the silver side (metal side) should toward to the HDMI interface. Release the black buckle, align the FPC cable and insert it tightly, then close the black buckle.

2. Enable Camera

The camera interface of Raspberry Pi is default disabled. Before you use camera, you should enable it.
Open Raspberry Pi terminal and excute command sudo raspi-config, then choose Interfacing Options -> Camera -> Yes
Camera-Scheduler-manual-2.jpg   Camera-Scheduler-manual-3.jpg

Camera-Scheduler-manual-4.jpg   Camera-Scheduler-manual-5.jpg

Reboot Raspberry Pi

sudo reboot
3. Test
Open a terminal and test the adapter
Capture:sudo raspistill -o image-01.jpg
Record:sudo raspivid -o video-01.h264 -t 10000


If you require technical support, please go to the Support page and open a ticket.