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(How to use it)
(Support Raspberry Pi)
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*Raspberry Pi Zero W
*Raspberry Pi Zero W
*Raspberry Pi Zero WH
*Raspberry Pi Zero WH
*Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
*Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
*Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
*Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
*Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
*Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
*Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
*Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+
*Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
*Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
*Update time:20190625
*Update time:20190625
==How to use it==
==How to use it==
===Hardware connection===
===Hardware connection===

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A tiny game console based on Raspberry Pi




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Brand: Waveshare
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Onboard Interfaces
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Support Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Update time:20190625

How to use it

Hardware connection

  • Turn the switch of GamePi15 into OFF, mount the 14500 battery
    • make sure you mount the battery in correct direction, WARNING indicator will light on if direction is wrong. You should remove battery and correct the direction when the LED is on, otherwise, the GamePi15 may be damaged.
  • Connect GPIO. Inset the GamePi15 to 40PIN GPIO of Raspberry Pi

To use the GamePi15, you can use the pre-configured image or install driver to refresh image yourself.

Pre-configured Images

  • Here we provide pre-configured image, you can download and test
OS Version Raspberry Pi Default user/password Download link
Recalbox 6.0-DragonBlaze Raspberry Pi 1/Zero/Zero W root/recalboxroot Google Drive
Recalbox 6.0-DragonBlaze Raspberry Pi 2/3/Pi 3B+ root/recalboxroot Google Drive
Retropie v4.4 Raspberry Pi 1/Zero/Zero W pi/raspberry Google Drive
Retropie v4.4 Raspberry Pi 2/3/3B+ pi/raspberry Google Drive
  • Download image file, unzip and write it to SD card
  • Inset the SD card to Raspberry Pi, turn the switch into ON. Generally, LCD is light on and Raspberry Pi is booting. It may cause about 2 minutes for Raspberry Pi 1/zero/zero W to starting.
    • Raspberry Pi is failed to start if the battery is Low. In this case, you can connect 5V/2A power adapter to Power interface for charging. Capacity indicators

Basic operations

  • Retropie
    1. After booting, you can select emulators by direction buttons on the left, then press "A" to confirm. For example, choose "A" and then "Start"
    2. Choose the games and press "A" to play
    3. Press "Start"+"HK" buttons to exit games
    4. You can adjust the potentiometer to adjust volume. Or Press "Start" and choose "SOUND SETTINGS" to adjust volume
  • Recalbox
    1. After booting, you can select emulators by direction buttons on the left, then press "B" to confirm.
    2. Choose the games and press "A" to play, press "A" or "Start" to start games
    3. Press "Start"+"HK" buttons to exit games
    4. you can adjust the potentiometer to adjust volume. Or Press "Start" and choose "SOUND SETTINGS", press "B" confirm, then adjust "SYSTEM VOLUME" by direction buttons.

Install driver

Install driver on Retropie

Download Retropie image from Retropie website


  • Write the image to SD card
  • Copy the driver (Do not unzip it) to root directory of the SD card (BOOT directory of the Raspbian)
  • Connect SD card, keyboard and a HDMI display to Raspberry Pi, Turn the switch into ON side to power on Raspberry Pi. Press F4 (Keyboard) after booting
  • Install driver with commands below:
tar xzvf /boot/GamePi15-*.tar.gz
cd GamePi15/
  • Long-press "A" button (GamePi15) to enter the configuration page, configure by pressing related buttons (GamePi15), you can also long-press to skip any button


After configuring, you can press "A" (GamePi15) to save configured and exit, or press "B" or "Start" (GamePi15) to exit without saving.

Install driver on Recalbox

Download the latest image from Recalbox website


  • Unzip the files download to get the .img file
  • Write the .img file to SD card
  • Copy driver to root directory of SD card
  • Connect SD card, keyboard and a HDMI display to Raspberry Pi, Turn the switch into ON side to power on Raspberry Pi. Press F4 then Alt+F2(Keyboard) after booting. (user: root; password: recalboxroot)
  • Install driver with commands:
tar xzvf /boot/GamePi15-*.tar.gz
cd GamePi15/
  • Reboot Raspberry Pi

Add new games (Retropie)

Maybe default games in test image are not those you want, you can also add games as you like.

  • Size of most games are always large, so we need to expand filesystem fist. Choose RASPI-CONFIG on configure page and press enter



  • Choose 7 Advanced Options -> A1 Expand Filesystem, Enter->Finish, (physical keyboard is required)


  • Choose OK, and reboot.
  • Here we recommend a really cool rom website: http://coolrom.com/ You can download ROMS of various games there to your PC. If you like Sony Playstation games, you can choose.



  • unzip the zip you download to get ROMs as below


  • Connect your Raspberry Pi to network (Make sure the network you connect is in the same LAN as your PC). Find SHOW IP in Retropie list, press “A” to query current IP address of your Raspberry Pi.


  • Open it with the IP address on your PC



  • Then on emulator choose page, you can press “Start”->QUIT->RESTART EMULATIONSTAION, press “A” to confirm. Then restart emulator, you can find the game added.

For more operations, you can read Retropie Instructions


"NC" : No Connected

PIN Symbol Description PIN Symbol Description
1 3.3V 3.3V power input 2 5V 5V power input
3 NC NC 4 5V 5V power input
9 GND Ground 10 X BCM=15, WPI=16
11 NC NC 12 Audio BCM=18, WPI=1
13 LCD_Reset BCM=27, WPI=2 14 GND Ground
17 3.3V 3.3V input 18 Backlight BCM=24, WPI=5
19 LCD_MOSI BCM=10, WPI=12 20 GND Ground
21 NC NC 22 LCD_DC BCM=25, WPI=6
23 LCD_SCK BCM=11, WPI=14 24 LCD_CS BCM=8, WPI=10
25 GND Ground 26 NC NC
27 NC NC 28 NC NC
29 UP BCM=5, WPI=21 30 GND Gound
31 DOWN BCM=6, WPI=22 32 Y BCM=12, WPI=26
33 RIGHT BCM=13, WPI=23 34 GND Ground
35 SELECT BCM=19, WPI=24 36 LEFT BCM=16, WPI=27
37 START BCM=26, WPI=25 38 B BCM=20, WPI=28
39 GND Ground 40 A BCM=21, WPI=29



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