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PWM Controlled Fan HAT For Raspberry Pi, I2C Bus, PCA9685 Driver, Temperature Monitor




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This is a PWM controlled Fan HAT, which is designed for Raspberry Pi, I2C Bus, PCA9685 driver, it can be used as a temperature monitor as well.


  • PCA9685 PWM driver as the fan controller, powerful driving capability, auto PWM adjustment
  • 0.91" OLED, 128x32 pixels, displays board temperature or other user-defined content in real-time
  • Adopts 3007 size PWM controlled fan, up to 8000rpm speed, brings strong airflow
  • Supports retrieving temperature data in real-time, and then adjusting the speed automatically, programmable configuration
  • I2C pins, for connecting other host control boards
  • 16-ch PWM outputs, for driving other external PWM devices
  • Comes with heat sinks, better cooling effect


  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Logic level: 3.3V
  • Driver: PCA9685
  • Interface: I2C
  • Fan PWM driver duty cycle: ≥25%
  • Fan RPM (max): 8000 RPM
  • OLED driver: SSD1306
  • OLED resolution: 128×32
  • OLED display color: White
  • OLED FOV: > 160°
  • Mounting holes: 3.0mm

About board

Fan-HAT-9 960.jpg

  1. Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header
  2. PCA9685 PWM driver
  3. 3007 size PWM controlled adjustable fan
  4. PCA9685 I2C address configuration
  5. Reserved I2C control pins
  6. Reserved PCA9685 output channels
  7. 0.91inch OLED display