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Encoder motor, I/Os





This product is an L-type permanent magnet DC geared motor with an encoder, and the reduction group is composed of all-metal gears. It is mainly used in robots with small wheelbases. The reducer does not have a self-locking function, and the output shaft of the reducer can be rotated by hand. Due to the special structure of this product, it can be used on small wheelbase products with high requirements for space, and the output shaft diameter of 6mm can be adapted to a variety of couplings.


  • L-shaped, suitable for robots with small wheelbases.
  • 11 wire hall effect encoder.
  • No-load speed is up to 240rpm.
  • The locked-rotor torque can reach 8.5kg. cm.
  • Rated load is 4kg.cm.
  • Terminal type is PH2.0-6PIN.


Working Voltage
DC 12V
No-load Speed 240rpm
No-load Current 0.15A MAX
Load Rating 4.0 kg.cm
Rated Speed 125 rpm
Rated Current 1.0A MAX
Rated Power 5.2W
Locked-rotor Torque ≥8.5 kg.cm
Locked-rotor Torque Current ≤3.5A
Hall Effect Encoder Resolution Base 11PPR×42=462PPR
Gear Reduction Ratio 1:42

Application Scenarios

  • Self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle
  • Intelligent tracking car
  • Smart appliances
  • Robot
  • Camera rocker arm

How To Work


M2 motor power supply
2 Encoder VCC positive, 5V/3.3V
3 C2 encoder phase B
4 C1 encoder phase A
5 Encoder GND negative
6 M1 motor power supply


3D Model

2D Drawing