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A Retro-gamming machine which is based in Raspberry Pi and Retropie




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User Guide

To use the Arcade-101-P, you can install driver yourself or directly use the retropie image we provide.

Install driver


  • Extract and get the .img file, write it to a SD card.
  • After writting, modify the config.txt file which located in root directory of the SD card. Add following statements to the end of config.txt file
hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0
  • Save and eject the card. Insert it to Raspberry Pi and power it on, You need to connect a keyboard to Raspberry Pi and make sure the network is accesable.
  • Following the commands below to install WM8960 audio driver
git clone
cd WM8960-Audio-HAT
sudo ./
sudo reboot
  • Reboot the Raspberry Pi, and execute aplay -l command to test the audio. If there is not audio card detect, please re-install driver.
  • Open alsa setting
sudo nano /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

Find statements:

defaults.ctl.card 0
defaults.pcm.card 0

change them to 1 as below

defaults.ctl.card 1
defaults.pcm.card 1

Save and exit.

  • Install joystick control script
git clone
cd mk_arcade_joystick_rpi
sudo ./

Reboot Raspberry Pi

  • Long-press button "A" (Arcade-101-P) enter the key mapping page

following prompt to finish the setting. Note that you just need to set the first twelve buttons, and no hot-key required. You can long-press "A" button to skip other buttons.

  • After finishing all the buttons, you can press "A" to save the setting and exit.
  • Now you can play game.

Use ready-to-use image

You can also use the image which is pre-configured. Just download and write it to SD card.

Add new games

Maybe default games in test image are not those you want, you can also add games as you like.

  • Size of most games are always large, so we need to expand filesystem fist. Choose RASPI-CONFIG on configure page and press enter



  • Choose 7 Advanced Options -> A1 Expand Filesystem, Enter->Finish, (physical keyboard is required)


  • Choose OK, and reboot.
  • Here we recommend a really cool rom website: You can download ROMS of various games there to your PC. If you like Sony Playstation games, you can choose.



  • unzip the zip you download to get ROMs as below


  • Connect your Raspberry Pi to network (Make sure the network you connect is in the same LAN as your PC). Find SHOW IP in Retropie list, press “A” to query current IP address of your Raspberry Pi.


  • Open it with the IP address on your PC



  • Then on emulator choose page, you can press “Start”->QUIT->RESTART EMULATIONSTAION, press “A” to confirm. Then restart emulator, you can find the game added.

For more operations, you can read Retropie Instructions



Please contact us by Email/Skype/WeChat for technology support.Our response may be delay, you can just leave your questions, we will reply to you as soon as possible in working time.

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