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*Outline dimension: 105.0mm x 94.1mm, 9.90mm
*Outline dimension: 105.0mm x 94.1mm, 9.90mm
*Display dimension: 84.8mm x 63.6mm
*Display dimension: 84.8mm x 63.6mm
===User guide===
==User guide==
我们提供手机APP。在微雪百科界面找到4.2inch NFC e-Paper Driver Board 资料界面,下载应用程序APP并安装在手机,支持安卓Android4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)以上版本。
You can download the app from [[#Resources]] and install it to your phone, note that the app can only supports Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

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4.2inch e-Paper

400x300, 4.2inch E-Ink display raw panel
4.2inch e-Paper Module

400x300, 4.2inch E-Ink display module, SPI interface



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Category: OLEDs / LCDs, LCD
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Brand: Waveshare
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This is an NFC-powered 4.2inch e-Paper Module, with 400x300 resolution. Users can transmit data from smart phone or NFC reader to e-Papre and refresh by NFC.


  • No backlight required, e-Paper keep displaying the last content for a long time without power
  • No power adapter requried
  • You can modify the display content by smart phone
  • Compe with ABS case
  • App is provided


  • Power: NFC-powered
  • Resolution: 400x300
  • Dot pitch: 0x212x 0x212
  • Refresh time: 4s
  • Display color: black, white
  • Viewing angle: >170°
  • Outline dimension: 105.0mm x 94.1mm, 9.90mm
  • Display dimension: 84.8mm x 63.6mm

User guide

You can download the app from #Resources and install it to your phone, note that the app can only supports Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.



  • 点击下发的图片按钮设置图片,(图片可以是你手机相册里面的图片,也可以是使用摄像机拍照,注意,这里需要相机权限)
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-1.png 4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-2.png
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-3.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-4.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-5.png
  • 选择图片之后可以对图片进行裁剪,调整大小和旋转图像,为了更好的刷新效果,建议您预先根绝墨水屏参数设置好图片的大小以及各式。
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-7.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-8.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-9.png
  • 在主页面,你可以选择图像处理方式(纯黑白、灰阶化、模块化、素描化、霓虹化)
  • 在主页面,还可以点击左下角的调整按钮调整图像的亮度和对比度。 点击右下角的加号图标可以对图片进行颜色取反,方向,图片上下或左右颠倒的设置
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-10.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-11.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-12.png
  • 再设置好了之后,将手机的NFC天线区域贴近4.2inch NFC-Powered e-Paper背面的天线区域。APP会感应墨水屏并自动进行数据传输和刷新操作


4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-13.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-14.png4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-15.png
  • 额外功能
4.2inch NFC-Powered epaper manual-16.png



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