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===Related Resources===
===Related Resources===
This is a post in Arduino Form about our SPI e-Paper thanks to ZinggJM, maybe you want to refer to.
<!-- This is a post in Arduino Form about our SPI e-Paper thanks to ZinggJM, maybe you want to refer to.-->
*[https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=487007.0 Waveshare e-Paper display with SPI]
*[https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=487007.0 Waveshare e-Paper display with SPI]
*[https://github.com/PiSugar/pisugar-case-pihat-cap Pisugar case]
== FAQ ==
== FAQ ==

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2.13inch e-paper (D)

212x104, 2.13inch flexible E-Ink display raw panel
2.13inch e-Paper HAT (D)

212x104, 2.13inch flexible E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi, SPI interface



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Brand: Waveshare
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Note: The raw panel require a driver board, If you are the first time use this e-Paper, we recommend you to buy the HAT version or buy more one driver hat for easy use, otherwise you need to make the driver board yourself. And this instruction is based on the version with PCB or driver board. 212x104, 2.13inch flexible E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi, SPI interface. Support partial refresh.



Demo code


2.13inch e-Paper (D) datasheet

Related Resources


Notices of flexible e-Paper
  • Note that you cannot bend the IC part, only the display area can be bent(>60°). Area marked in red cannot be bent.

Flexible e-Paper Bending.png Flexible-e-Paper-FAQ-1.png

  • The circuity area on the corners of e-Paper cannot be bent too much times, please be careful. Recommend you to use Vcacuum Pen or stick it by sticker when picking it up


  • Please make sure there are not particulate matters on both sides of the e-paper panel. You can only bend the flexible e-paper forward and backward, but not in left and right direction.


  • The flexible e-Paper is covered by hot melt film, the penal should not touch sharp objects, otherwise, it may be damaged
  • The object temperature cannot reach 70°C, otherwise, e-Paper will be damaged
  • If you want to test the bending of flexible e-Paper, you can make a fan-shaped mold whose central angle is 60°and radius is about 5cm

Working requirements of e-Paper?
  • Two-color B/W e-paper
    • 【Working】Temperature: 0~50°C; Humidity: 35%~65%RH
    • 【Storage】Temperature: ≤30°C; Humidity: ≤55%RH; Max storage time: 6 months
    • 【Transport】Temperature: -25~70°C; Max transport time: 10 days
    • 【Unpack】Temperature: 20°C±5°C; Humidity: 50%RH±5%RH; Max storage time: Should be assembled in 72h
  • Three-Color e-Paper
    • 【Working】Temperature: 0~40°C; Humidity: 35%~65%RH
    • 【Storage】Temperature: ≤30°C; Humidity: ≤55%RH; Max storage time: 3 months
    • 【Transport】Temperature: -25~60°C; Max transport time: 10 days
    • 【Unpack】Temperature: 20°C±5°C; Humidity: 50%RH±5%RH; Max storage time: Should be assembled in 72h

When store three-color e-Paper, please refresh it to white, and keep the screen upward. Note that you need to update it at least every three months.

What do you need to note about e-Paper refreshing?
  • Refresh mode
    • Full refresh: e-Paper flicker when full refreshing to remove ghost image for best display.
    • Partial refresh: It don't flicker if you use partial refresh (only some of the two-color e-paper support partial refresh). Note that you cannot use Partial refresh all the time, you should full refresh e-paper regularly, otherwise, ghost problem will get worse even damage.
  • Refresh rate
    • When using, you should set the update interval at least 180s.(except Partial supportable types)
    • Please set the e-Paper to sleep mode or power off it directly, otherwise, the e-Paper is damaged because of working in high voltage for long time.
    • You need to update the content of three-color e-Paper at least one time every 24h to avoid from burn-in problem.
  • Working place
  • We recommend you to use the e-Paper indoor. If you need to set the e-paper outdoor, Please place the e-paper in shadow and protect it from UV. When you designed you e-paper product, you should take care about the working situation like temperature, humidity, etc.

How much could the flexible e-paper be bended
  • The IC part of e-Paper cannot be bended, you can bend the display area in degree larger than 60°C

Why the e-Paper cant work with Arduino?

The I/O level of Arduino is 5V, and the e-Paper should be driven with 3V3. If your Arduino cant drive the e-Paper successfully, please try to convert the level to 3.3V

You can also try to connect the Vcc pin to the 5V of Arduino to see whether the e-Paper works, but we recommend you not to use 5V for a long time.

Why does the color of e-Paper look a little black or grey?

You can try to change the value of Vcom on demo codes.

Three-color e-paper looks more red/yellow than the picture on website?

Because of different batch, some of them have aberration. Store the e-Paper right side up will reduce it. And if the e-Paper didn't be refreshed for long time, it will become more and more red/yellow. Please use the demo code to refresh the e-paper for several times in this case.

Why my e-paper has ghosting problem after working for some days

Please set the e-paper to sleep mode or disconnect it if you needn't refresh the e-paper but need to power on your development board or Raspberry Pi for long time.Otherwise, the voltage of panel keeps high and it will damage the panel

Why the FPC of the e-Paper is broken after using for some times?
Please make sure you have used it in correct way.

E-Paper FAQ FPC.jpg


Mail.png Contact your seller (fast response and most recommended)

or send emails to [email protected] (not fast enough but please be patient) for help.

Our working time: 09:00-18:00 (UTC+8 Monday to Saturday)