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*Dimension: 40.4×37.5(mm) Φ37.5(mm)
*Dimension: 40.4×37.5(mm) Φ37.5(mm)
==Working Protocol==
[[file:0.96inch_lcd_module_spi.png|900px]]<br />
Note: Different from the traditional SPI protocol, the data line from the slave to the master is hidden since the device only has display requirement.<br />
RESX Is the reset pin, it should be low when powering the module and be higher at other times;;<br />
CSX is slave chip select, when CS is low, the chip is enabled.<br />
D/CX is data/command control pin, when DC = 0, write command, when DC = 1, write data<br />
SDA is the data pin for transmitting RGB data, it works as the MOSI pin of SPI interface;<br />
SCL worka s the SCLK pins of SPI interface.<br />
SPI communication has data transfer timing, which is combined by CPHA and CPOL.<br />
CPOL determines the level of the serial synchronous clock at idle state. When CPOL = 0, the level is Low. However, CPOL has little effect to the transmission.<br />
CPHA determines whether data is collected at the first clock edge or at the second clock edge of serial synchronous clock; when CPHL = 0, data is collected at the first clock edge.<br />
There are 4 SPI communication modes. SPI0 is commonly used, in which CPHL = 0, CPOL = 0.<br />
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1.28inch LCD Module
1.28inch LCD Module

1.28inch LCD, SPI interfaces






1.28inch LCD Display Module, IPS Screen, 65K RGB Colors, 240×240 Resolution, SPI Interface



  • Operating voltage: 3.3V/5V
  • Interface: SPI
  • LCD type: IPS
  • Controller: GC9A01
  • Resolution: 240(H)RGB x 240(V)
  • Display size: Φ32.4mm
  • Pixel size: 0.135(H)x0.135(V)mm
  • Dimension: 40.4×37.5(mm) Φ37.5(mm)



demo codes

3D Drawing



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