Industrial USB TO TTL Converter, Original FT232RL, Multi Protection & Systems Support

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Industrial USB TO TTL Converter, Original FT232RL Onboard, Multi Protection Circuits, Multi Systems Support

Original FT232RL | Stable Transmission | Multi Devices | Multi Systems

Original Chip Onboard

Adopts original FT232RL converter, providing better stability and compatibility, enabling industrial grade high performance communication between computer and TTL devices

Multiple systems support

Compatible with popular systems like Win7/8/8.1/10, Mac, Linux, Android, WinCE...

Three LED Indicators

Easily checking the operating status, convenient for programming / debugging

USB signal & Pinouts Definition
5V 5V output
VCC 3.3V or 5V output, configured by switch
GND Ground
TXD Connecting to MCU.RX (signal direction: MCU.RX << FT232 << PC.TX)
RXD Connecting to MCU.TX (signal direction: MCU.TX >> FT232 >> PC.RX)
RTS Connecting to MCU.CTS (signal direction: MCU.CTS << FT232 << PC.RTS)
CTS Connecting to MCU.RTS (signal direction: MCU.RTS >> FT232 >> PC.CTS)
  • USB cable is not included
  • This converter is designed to work on TTL level, NEVER connect it to RS232 level to avoid damage
Product category Industrial USB TO TTL converter Host port USB
Data rate 300bps ~ 3Mbps Device Port UART
USB port Connector: USB-A
Protection: resettable fuse, ESD protection
UART port Connector: 8PIN fool-proof header
Protection: IO protection diode
Indicator PWR: power indicator, turns red when USB voltage is detected
TXD: TX indicator, turns red while the USB port is sending data
RXD: RX indicator, turns red while the device port is receiving data
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  1. USB TO TTL x1
  2. 8PIN fool-proof wire x1