USB To UART (TTL) Mini Communication Module, Compact Size, Stable Communication, Over-current/Over-voltage Protection, TTL Serial Converter, USB To TTL Converter

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USB To UART (TTL) Mini Communication Module, Compact Size, Stable Communication, Over-current/Over-voltage Protection, Multi Systems Support, TTL Serial Converter, USB To TTL Converter
Mini communication module

Original FT232RNL | Stable Transmission | Multi Systems | Easy Integration

USB-TO-TTL-FT232 converter, front view
Features at a glance
  • Onboard original FT232RNL chip, fast communication, stable and reliable, better compatibility
  • Castellated holes design, compact size, easy to integrate into the device by soldering
  • UART communication baudrate: 300bps~3Mbps
  • Onboard self-recovery fuse and ESD diode, provides over-current/over-voltage protection, stable and safe operation
  • Onboard TXD and RXD indicators for monitoring transceiver status
  • Reserved VCC switching pads on the back, using 3.3V TTL by default, allows switching to 5V by re-soldering
  • Adapting all function pins of the chip, more convenient for secondary development and integration
  • Onboard USB Type-C port, smoothly plug & pull, solid and reliable
Version Options
USB-TO-TTL-FT232, front view

standard version, without pinheader

USB-TO-TTL-FT232-M, front view

with pre-soldered header

Adopts FT232RNL solution
USB-TO-TTL-FT232, adopts FT232RNL chip

Multiple systems support

Compatible with popular systems like Win7/8/8.1/10/11, MacOS, Linux, Android...

USB-TO-TTL-FT232 module, with multiple systems support

Compact And Easy Integration

Castellated Holes With Immersion Gold Design, Highly Integrated Packaging
Supports Multiple Ways To Be Embedded Into Various Product Applications

USB-TO-TTL-FT232 converter, compact size
USB-TO-TTL-FT232 converter, front view

Pinouts Definition
USB-TO-TTL-FT232 converter, pinouts definition
5V 5V output
GND Ground
VCC 3.3V or 5V output, configured via the pads on the back
TXD Connecting to MCU.RX (signal direction: MCU.RX << FT232 << PC.TX)
RXD Connecting to MCU.TX (signal direction: MCU.TX >> FT232 >> PC.RX)
RTS Connecting to MCU.CTS (signal direction: MCU.CTS << FT232 << PC.RTS)
CTS Connecting to MCU.RTS (signal direction: MCU.RTS >> FT232 >> PC.CTS)

Outline dimensions
USB-TO-TTL-FT232 converter, outline dimensions

* measured manually and may have some errors.

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