USB Sound Card, Driver-Free, for Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano

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USB sound card, USB audio module, driver-free, external audio converter for Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano
USB sound card

Recording and playback support, stereo codec, onboard microphone, and speaker header
suitable for Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano

Driver-free, Plug and Play

"listening / speaking" two-in-one

onboard microphone, and speaker header, easy audio input / output

Multiple sampling rates support

supported sampling rates including 8K, 11.025K, 12K, 16K, 22.05K, 24K,
32K, 44.1K, and default 48K (Hz)

Multiple systems support

supported systems including Win7/8/8.1/10, mac OS, Linux, Android, WinCE

Power indicator
Look inside
plug and play, easy to use

standard USB 2.0 port, driver-free, portable size

working with Raspberry Pi
working with Jetson Nano

* for reference only, Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and speakers in the photo are NOT included.

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  1. USB TO AUDIO main unit x1
  2. USB cable x1