Flexible And Expandable 6x4 Off-Road UGV, With Extension Rails and ESP32 Slave Computer, 6 wheels 4WD Mobile Robot Chassis

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Part Number: UGV02 (EU)

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Flexible And Expandable 6x4 Off-Road UGV, Multiple Hosts Support, With Extension Rails and ESP32 Slave Computer, 6 wheels 4WD Mobile Robot Chassis
Features at a glance

The UGV02 series is a 6 wheels × 4WD mobile robot chassis, which features superb off-road crossing ability and shock-absorbing performance, open source all code for secondary development. It supports multiple host computers (Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Jetson Orin Nano, etc), the host computer can communicate with the ESP32 slave computer through the serial port. The design of 6 wheels × 4WD increases the contact area with the ground and load capacity, and provides strong power. Built in 3S UPS power supply module, supports 3 x 18650 Li batteries (in series, NOT included), which provides uninterruptible power for the robot and supports charging and power output at the same time. Built in multi-functional robot driver board, based on ESP32, with onboard WIFI and Bluetooth, for driving serial bus servos, outputting PWM signal, expanding TF card slot, etc.

The UGV02 adopts flexible rubber tires which greatly reduce the impact of complex terrains, can easily meet the needs of heavy loads, shock absorption, and off-road. Also, it comes with 2 x 1020 European standard profile rails, provides more possibilities for secondary development.

Outline dimensions 252×230×94mm Tire material Nylon wheel hub, rubber tire
Chassis height 25mm Rail Center distance 203mm
Tire width 42mm Running speed 0.05~1.3m/s
Tire diameter 80mm Number of driving wheels 4
Number of wheels 6 Body material 2mm (thickness) 5052 Aluminum Alloy
Weight 2kg Vertical obstacle ability 40mm
Driving payload 4kg Climbing ability 22°
Battery support 18650 Lithium battery × 3 (NOT Included) Minimum turning radius 0m (In-situ Rotation)
Charging time 1.5h Battery life 45min (full power continuous output)
Motor power 5W × 4 Remote control function WIFI AP/STA
Upper surface area 37864mm2 Communication interface UART / serial bus servo interface / I2C

Connect to Jetson Orin Nano

Connect to Raspberry Pi 4B

Connect to Raspberry Pi Zero

About the slave computer driver board, please refer to General-Driver-for-Robots product page for more details

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