UART Fingerprint Reader

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UART Fingerprint Reader, onboard processor STM32F205, commercial fingerprinting algorithm, optical sensor


UART Fingerprint Reader is a fingerprinting module designed for secondary development, high-speed for identification, high stability. It is an intelligent module that provides functionalities like fingerprint recording, image processing, feature extraction, template generation, template storage, fingerprint matching and searching, etc.


  • Onboard high-speed processor STM32F205
  • Commercial fingerprinting algorithm, faster identification
  • High-accuracy optical sensor, standard 16-pin interface, allows users to choose optical/semiconductor sensors
  • Divided structure: fingerprint sensor + processing circuit + algorithm platform
  • Easy for developing, controlled via UART, supports any MCU with UART
  • Open protocol, it's available to freely input/output fingerprint images, fingerprint feature file and other fingerprinting actions


  • Fingerprint lock
  • Fingerprint safe deposit box
  • Access control system
  • Person identification
  • Authority management


Processor (CPU)  STM32F205
Sensor HD optical
Memory Built-in (extensible)
Anti-wearing 1 million times
Anti-electrostatic 150KV 
Fingerprint capacity 4000
False acceptance rate <0.001% (on security level 5) 
False rejection rate <0.1% (on security level 5) 
Current <50ma 
Input time <0.5s
Matching time <0.5s
Matching mode 1 : 1 
1 : N 
Security level 1-10 (supports customization)
Output formats User ID, Image, Feature
Feature size 196 Byte
Feature template size  512 Byte 
Template rule standard ISO19794-2 
Communication interface UART
Communication baud rate 9600-57600bps
Power supply UART, external power
Voltage level 3.3-7.5V 
Operating temp. -20℃ to 60℃
Relative humidity 40%RH to 85%RH (without condensation)





Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.

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Selection Guide

Product UART Fingerprint Reader Capacitive Fingerprint Reader UART Fingerprint Sensor (R) UART Fingerprint Sensor (C) UART Fingerprint Sensor (D)
Type Optical fingerprinting module Capacitive fingerprinting module
Pros Low cost, durable, excellent anti-electrostatic   Small form factor, low power consumption
High precision, good detection/verification Small collecting area, high precision, good detection/verification
Cons Large dimension, low precision, interfered by lighting High environmental requirement (temperature, humidity, dust, alkaline air)
Features Rectangle-shaped, separated structure Rectangle-shaped, all-in-one Round-shaped, all-in-one
Fingerprint capacity 4000 3000 500 150
Image pixels 248×296 192×192 160×160
False acceptance rate <0.001% 0.0001% <0.001%
False rejection rate <0.1%  0.01% <0.1% 
Sensor life time 10 years about 200,000 times about 1,000,000 times
Use condition More sensitive for wet fingers More sensitive for dry fingers
Applicable products Used frequently, like access control system Require high precision, like fingerprinting lock
Generally, optical modules are used in low-end products, while capacitive module are suitable for high-end products

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