T2313+ ADP, AVR Programmer Adapter

SKU: 2982
Part Number: T2313+ ADP
Brand: Enplas




Enplas IC Test & Burn-in Socket with a simple board, especially for AVR SOIC20(300 mil) package


  • 10-pin/6-pin ISP Port for programming or testing
  • External crystal can be connected via on board socket
  • All the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors

Supported Devices

ATtiny2313 SOIC20(300 mil) package and other pinout compatible devices of the sort

  • AVR MCU: ATtiny2313
  • 51 MCU: AT89S2051/AT89S4051/AT89LP201/AT89LP4051

Outline and Dimensions

Unit: mm
Part NumberPitchPinsApplicable IC Dimensions (REF.)Outside Dimensions (REF.)
OTS-28-1.27-04 1.27 20 10.4±0.2 7.5±0.2 9.2±0.2 - 25.4 27 - -


  1. All the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors
  2. Power Input
  3. 6-pin ISP Port
  4. 10-pin ISP Port
  5. External Crystal Socket
  6. Power LED

ISP Port Header Pinout

The T2313+ ADP houses ISP headers for connecting a programmer. The header pinouts are shown in the figures below.

pinouts for 10-pin ISP Connector
Figure 1. 10-pin ISP header pinout
pinouts for 6-pin ISP Connector
Figure 2. 6-pin ISP header pinout



Development resources:schematic, etc.
Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/T2313+_ADP

Weight: 0.058 kg

Quick Overview

  1. T2313+ ADP × 1
  2. USB power cable × 1