Industrial-grade Isolated 8-ch RS485 Hub, Rail-mount Support, Wide Baud rate Range

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Industrial-grade Isolated 8-ch RS485 Hub, Rail-mount Support, Wide Baud rate Range
Isolated 8-ch RS485 hub

Extends 8-ch RS485 slave ports via 1-ch RS485 master port, with isolation and relay

Features at a glance

RS485-HUB-8P is an industrial grade isolated RS485 hub that can expand 8-ch RS485 slave ports through 1-ch RS485 master port, can realize relay, extension and isolation functions of RS485 network, with screw terminal for power input. Rail-mount case design, easy to install, and cost-effective. It is suitable for applications like data acquisition, IoT gateway, safety & security IoT, and intelligent instrument monitoring...

Interface standard Compliant with RS485 standard
Physical interface RS485 screw terminals
Baud rate 300~460800bps (self-adaptive)
supported nodes Each RS485 port supports up to 32 nodes
Communication distance 1200m (9600bps), the higher rate the shorter distance
Operating mode RS485 two-wire (A, B), half-duplex transparent transmission
Power supply DC 9~24V
Operating temperature -45 ~ +85℃
Environment humidity <95%RH
Transmission medium Normal parallel cables/twisted-pair cables

Primary function

Supports RS485 network relay, extension and isolation functions

Connection diagram

The isolated RS485 master port can be connected to the RS485 host device, and the extended 8-ch isolated RS485 port can be connected to various RS485 slave devices, such as RS485 sensors, etc.

Generally the RS485 requires a hand-in-hand connection, if a star connection (master station as the center) is required, this RS485 hub can effectively isolate the connection interference between multiple RS485.

Industrial isolation protection

Built-in photoelectric isolation protection circuit, can effectively isolate RS485 master and slave devices to avoid the damage of ground potential difference between devices, anti-electrostatic, lightningproof & anti-surge, which is suitable for the industrial environment with high reliability and safety requirements.

Wide baud rate range

Supports 300~460800bps wide baud rate communication range (self-adaptive)

Rail-Mount Support

Supports 35mm standard guide rail, with rail-mount buckle, easy to install.

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The power supply of this product is not included, please purchase the power supply separately according to your need.

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