RGB Full-Color LED Matrix Panel, 3mm Pitch, 64×32 Pixels, Adjustable Brightness

SKU: 20117
Part Number: RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32
Brand: Waveshare


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RGB full-color LED matrix panel, 64×32 pixels, adjustable brightness
64×32 RGB LED matrix panel

2048 individual RGB LEDs, 3mm pitch

supports Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP32, Arduino...

Features at a glance

Maybe be on the wall of tall buildings, maybe on corners of unknown streets, you can always see the dazzling neon light, everywhere in the noisy yet energetic city. Sometimes, looking at these shining screens, you may want to make a unique one, and give it to the beautiful night as a gift. Now, this 64×32 RGB LED matrix panel will be the start to make your wish come true.

  • 2048 individual RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness
  • 64×32 pixels, 3mm pitch, allows displaying text, colorful image, or animation
  • 192×96mm dimensions, moderate size, suitable for DIY desktop display or wall mount display
  • Onboard two HUB75 header, one for controller data input, one for output, chain support
  • Provides open source development resources and tutorials, for use with Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP32, Arduino, and so on
Dimensions 192mm × 96mm
Pixels 64×32=2048 DOTS
Pitch 3mm
Pixel form 1R1G1B
Viewing angle ≥160°
Control type synchronization
Driving 1/16 scan
Header HUB75
Power supply 5V / 2.5A (VH4 header input)
Power ≤12W
Header definition
* this back view is for reference only
PCB silkscreen and layout may have small differences from batch to batch, but the hardware interface and software are compatible.
Pin Description Pin Description
VCC 5V power input GND Ground
R1 R higher bit data R2 R lower bit data
G1 G higher bit data G2 G lower bit data
B1 B higher bit data B2 B lower bit data
A A line selection B B line selection
C C line selection D D line selection
E E line selection CLK clock input
LAT/STB latch pin OE output enable
chainable design

multi LED matrix panel can be chained together to build a larger panel
via HUB75 input/output header

Each RGB LED matrix panel requires a standalone 5V/2.5A or above power supply, when they're chained to display.
Usage scenarios

DIY maker desktop or wall mount display, signboard, environment monitor...

Resources & Services

* Resources for different product may vary, please check the wiki page to confirm the actually provided resources.

Selection Guide
RGB-Matrix-P2-64x64 64×64 2mm ≥140° 5V/3A 1/32 scan 128×128 -
RGB-Matrix-P2.5-64x32 64×32 2.5mm ≥140° 5V/2.5A 1/16 scan 160×80 -
RGB-Matrix-P2.5-64x64 64×64 2.5mm ≥140° 5V/4A 1/32 scan 160×160 -
RGB-Matrix-P2.5-96x48-F 96×48 2.5mm ≥140° 5V/4A 1/24 scan 240×120
RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32 64×32 3mm ≥160° 5V/2.5A 1/16 scan 192×96 -
RGB-Matrix-P3-64x64 64×64 3mm ≥160° 5V/4A 1/32 scan 192×192 -
RGB-Matrix-P3-64x64-F 64×64 3mm ≥140° 5V/4A 1/32 scan 192×192
RGB-Matrix-P4-64x32 64×32 4mm ≥160° 5V/4A 1/16 scan 256×128 -
RGB-Matrix-P5-64x32 64×32 5mm ≥140° 5V/4A 1/16 scan 320×160 -

Weight: 0.248 kg

Quick Overview

  1. RGB-Matrix-P3-64x32 LED matrix and accessories x1
  2. 16P wire ~30cm x1
  3. Dark brown acrylic front panel x1
  4. Power supply terminal adapter x1
  5. Double-sided tape x1
  6. Magnetic bolt 4pcs x1