Clear Acrylic Protection Case for Raspberry Pi Pico

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Part Number: Raspberry-Pi-Pico-Case




Clear acrylic protection case for Raspberry Pi Pico
Acrylic case for Raspberry Pi Pico
— Dule-sided Protection —

Clear acrylic panels, with customized key cap, neat design

Key cap for easy use

customized key cap, comfortable and handy touch, dust-proof

Pinheaders/connectors still accessible

elevated top panel, keeping enough space for pinheaders and USB port
reversed notch for SWD debugging pins

Compatible with expander/breadboard

with acrylic case installed, the Pico still can be attached to expander or breadboard

Weight: 0.016 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Acrylic top panel and bottom panel x1
  2. Key cap x1
  3. Screws and standoffs pack x1
  4. Screwdriver x1