Raspberry Pi 5 AI Kit, Hailo AI Acceleration Module With Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+, 13Tops Computing Power, Raspberry Pi 5 HAT

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Raspberry Pi 5 AI Kit, Hailo AI Acceleration Module With Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+, 13Tops Computing Power, Raspberry Pi 5 HAT
Raspberry Pi AI Kit

Designed for Raspberry Pi 5

The Raspberry Pi AI Kit bundles the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ with a Hailo AI acceleration module for use with Raspberry Pi 5, provides an accessible, cost-effective, and power-efficient way to integrate high-performance AI, suitable for applications including process control, security, home automation, and robotics.

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, front view

Features At A Glance
  • Contains a neural network inference accelerator capable of 13 tera-operations per second (TOPS), which is fully integrated into Raspberry Pi's camera software stack
  • Thermal pad pre-fitted between module and HAT+ spreads heat across components, improving performance
  • Conforms to Raspberry Pi HAT+ specification
  • 0℃ ~ 50℃ ambient operating temperature

Equipped with Hailo AI acceleration module

The AI module is a 13 TOPS neural network inference accelerator built around the Hailo-8L chip. The module uses the M.2 2242 form factor, and communicates with the Raspberry Pi 5 by accessing to the Raspberry PI M.2 HAT+.

When the host Raspberry Pi 5 is running an up-to-date Raspberry Pi OS image, it automatically detects the Hailo module and makes the NPU available for AI computing tasks. The built-in rpicam-apps camera applications in Raspberry Pi OS natively support the AI module, automatically using the NPU to run compatible post-processing tasks.

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, Hailo AI acceleration module
Performance (INT8) 13 TOPS
Frameworks Support TensorFLow, TensorFlow Lite, ONNX, Keras, Pytorch
Host Architecture Support X86 or ARM
Certifications CE, FCC Class A
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Storage/Operating Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH (no condensation)
Interface Type M.2 Key B+M
Dimensions 22 × 42mm
Power Supply 3.3V ± 5%
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 6.6W
Interface PCIe Gen3, 2-lanes (x2)

tailored for Raspberry Pi 5

Equipped With A 16Pin Official Cable For Connecting the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ To The Pi5. Onboard NVMe Protocol High-Speed Reading/Writing M.2 Interface, Compatible With M.2 Solid State Drives In 2230/2242 Sizes

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, tailored for Raspberry Pi 5
Please note that the Raspberry Pi motherboard and cooling fan are NOT included.


can be used together with the Pi5 Active Cooler B to achieve better heat dissipation effect, keeping it cool even under heavy processing

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, installation
Applied in the AI Field
Raspberry Pi AI Kit, image recognition

Image recognition

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, object recognition

Object recognition

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, pose estimation

Pose estimation

Raspberry Pi AI Kit, position tracking

Position tracking

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Raspberry Pi AI Kit