USB HDMI Adapter for CM4-IO-BASE, Adapting FFC Connector To Standard Connector

SKU: 20263
Part Number: USB HDMI Adapter
Brand: Waveshare


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USB HDMI Adapter specialized for CM4-IO-BASE, adapting FFC connector to standard connector
USB HDMI Adapter

specialized for CM4-IO-BASE

Connector introduction
Application examples

using with Waveshare CM4 mini base board CM4-IO-BASE Lite Ver and Full Ver

for reference only, CM4, base boards, displays are NOT included.
Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.011 kg

Quick Overview

  1. USB HDMI Adapter x1
  2. FFC cable 6PIN 1.0 pitch 60mm x1
  3. FFC cable 20PIN 0.5 pitch 60mm x1