TTL UART to Ethernet Mini Module, Castellated Holes With Immersion Gold Design, Highly Integrated Packaging

SKU: 24276
Part Number: UART TO ETH (B)
Brand: Waveshare


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TTL UART to Ethernet Mini Module, Castellated Holes With Immersion Gold Design, Highly Integrated Packaging
TTL UART to Ethernet Mini Module

Compact size | Easy to integrate | Low power consumption

Faster to be integrated into industrial, IoT, and security applications

Compact and easy integration

Castellated Holes With Immersion Gold Design, Highly Integrated Packaging
Supports multiple ways to be embedded into various product applications

* This product is without pre-soldered header by default, please contact the Waveshare service team if you need mass customization.

Multi communication modes

supports TCP server / TCP client / UDP multicast / UDP mode

Modbus gateway support

suitable for Modbus gridding upgrade, Can Be Used With Specific Configuration Software

User-defined heartbeat/registration packet

easy for cloud communication and device identification

NTP protocol support

getting network time info for serial output or data upload

Supports Web and host computer

Interfaces and Indicators

Adapting control pins for easy embedding or connecting to user devices and various MCU master devices. With multiple indicators, easy to monitor the operating status of the module

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Selection Guide
Product UART TO ETH (B) RS232 TO ETH (B) RS485 TO ETH (B) RS232 TO POE ETH (B) RS485 TO POE ETH (B) RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B)
Product Description castellated holes module common version PoE Network port + isolated RS232 PoE Network port + isolated RS485 PoE Network port + isolated RS232/485/422
Enclosure - Rail-mount plastic case Aluminium Alloy case
(supports wall-mount and rail-mount installations)
Basic Function Bi-directional transparent data transmission between serial port and Ethernet
Ethernet common network port PoE network port, support IEEE 802.3af standard
Isolation Protection N/C Power isolation, Signal isolation
Serial Port TTL RS232 RS485 Isolated RS232 Isolated RS485 Isolated RS232/485/422
Power Supply pinheader / pads screw terminal screw terminal, or PoE port DC power port, screw terminal, or PoE port
Dimensions 34×23×11.5mm 87×36×59mm 88.7×72.5×24.2mm
Application Scenarios Can be used as Serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, suitable for applications like data acquisition, IoT gateway, safety & security IoT, and intelligent instrument monitoring...
Serial Specification
Baudrate 300 ~ 115200 bps
Parity Bit none, odd, even, mark, space
Data Bit 5 ~ 9 bits
Flow Control support N/A
Configuration host, web browser, device management functions library
Communication Method TCP/IP direct communication, VCOM
Operating Mode TCP server, TCP client, UDP Group, UDP
Modbus Gateway Modbus TCP to RTU
Other Functions User-defined heartbeat/registration packet, User-defined web page...
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Humidity Range 5% ~ 95% relative humidity

Weight: 0.008 kg

Quick Overview

  1. UART TO ETH (B) x1
  2. 10PIN Black pinheader (2PCS) x1