STM32-QFP48, Programmer Adapter

SKU: 3466
Part Number: STM32-QFP48
Brand: Yamaichi




Yamaichi IC Test & Burn-in Socket with a simple board, specifically designed for STM32 microcontroller in QFP48(0.5mm pitch) package


  • 20-pin JTAG/SWD port and/or 4-pin USART1 interface for programming/testing
  • External crystal can be connected via on board socket for system clock
  • Onboard 32.768K crystal oscillator
  • Two LED indicators for testing, which are connected to the I/O pins via jumpers
  • All the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors
    • pin header pitch: 2.54mm(100mil)

Supported Devices

STM32 microcontroller in QFP48(0.5mm pitch) package with compatible pinouts:

  • STM32F10xC series (STM32F103CB, STM32F103C8, etc.)
  • STM32L15xC series (STM32L151C6, STM32L152CB, etc.)

Outline and Dimensions

Unit: mm
Part NumberPitchPinsApplicable IC Dimensions (REF.)Outside Dimensions (REF.)
A x BC x DEFG x H
IC51-0484-806 0.5 48 7 × 7 9 × 9 8.2 - 29 × 32


  1. JTAG/SWD port
    • for programming/debugging/testing
    • compatible with ST-LINK / J-LINK / ULINK2 / STX-RLINK
  2. USART1 port
    • supports ISP and/or serial port debugging
  3. LED indicators
    • for quick testing
  4. Pin headers connected to MCU pins
    • clearly labeled with onboard marks
    • easy for testing and further expansion
  5. Boot mode configuration
    • configuring the BOOT0 and BOOT1 via jumpers
  6. 5V power input
    • DC jack or 2-pin header
  7. External crystal socket
    • insert crystal to the holes on two sides, leave alone the middle hole
  8. Power indicator
  9. LED jumpers
    • short the jumpers to connect LEDs to MCU I/O pins for testing
    • open the jumpers to disconnect
  10. 32.768K crystal (on bottom side)
    • for internal RTC with calibration
  11. 3.3V onboard regulator (on bottom side)
    • AMS1117-3.3

JTAG/SWD Connector Layout

The STM32-QFP48 houses JTAG/SWD headers for connecting a programmer. The connector layout is shown in the figure 1 below.

JTAG/SWD connector layout

Figure 1. JTAG/SWD connector layout

Boot Mode Configuration

Depending on the used pin configuration, the Flash memory, system memory or SRAM is selected as the boot space, as shown in Table 1 below.

STM32 boot mode configuration


Development resources:schematic, etc.

Weight: 0.081 kg

Quick Overview

  1. STM32-QFP48 × 1
  2. USB power cable × 1