SOP8 TO DIP8, Programmer Adapter

SKU: 3047
Part Number: SOP8 TO DIP8
Brand: Enplas




Enplas IC Programmer Adapter for SOP8/SO8/SOIC8 package


  • High quality and durable
  • Tested before shipping
  • Easy to use

Supported Devices

  • Package
    • SOP8
    • SO8
    • SOIC8
  • Pitch: 1.27mm
  • Width: 3.9mm

Socket PN

  • OTS-8(16)-1.27-03


DIP Pin Header Dimensions

  • Pitch: 100mil (2.54mm)
  • Width: 600mil-630mil (1.52cm-1.6cm)

Note: we're going to ship the alternative A OR B randomly. As you can see in pictures below, there are nothing different between two alternatives, except the PCB sizes. They provide exactly the same functionality.

Alternative A (PCB sizes: 30mm * 28mm )

Alternative B (PCB sizes: 37mm * 38mm )

Outline and Dimensions

Unit: mm
Part Number Pitch Pins A B C D E x F
OTS-8(16)-1.27-03 1.27 8 6.0±0.2 3.9±0.1 5.0±0.2   20 x 18

Weight: 0.014 kg

Quick Overview

  • SOP8 TO DIP8 adapter × 1