Semi-flexible Polycrystalline silicon Solar Panel (18V 10W), Supports 5V regulated output

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Semi-flexible Polycrystalline silicon Solar Panel (18V 10W), Supports 5V regulated output
Semi-flexible Polycrystalline silicon
Solar Panel
Features at a glance
  • Adopts semi-flexible polycrystalline silicon solar panel, thin and portable, convenient for outdoor use
  • Integrated with 5V voltage regulator circuit, 2x USB power outputs for external 5V devices, onboard working status indicator
  • Reserved DC5521 power output port for connecting to power manager module or other controllers which support 18V solar panel
  • Comes with multiple accessories and adapter cables

Solar cell type Polycrystalline silicon
Material Semi-flexible laminate (not capable of excessive bending)
Solar Panel Power 10W
Output Interfaces DC5521 female port Directly power output from the solar panel without conversion
Operating voltage: 18V ± 5%
Operating current: 600mA ± 5% (Max)
Open circuit voltage: 21.6V ± 5%
2× USB 5V port Power output after 5V regulator circuit
Operating voltage: 5V (Requires good sunlight for stable 5V output, it is not recommended for use in sunless or weak light conditions)
Output current: 1.5A (total output of the two USB ports)
Dimensions 435 × 200mm
Note: specifications above are tested on standard condition: 1000W/m2 radiation intensity, 25℃, AM1.5 air quality.

Application Examples

Connecting To Power Management Module Or Other Control Boards Which Support 18V Solar Panels Via DC5521 Female Port For Charging Or Power Supply, Compatible With Solar Power Manager, Solar Power Manager (B), Solar Power Manager (C)

The solar panel integrates the 5V voltage regulator circuit, which can directly output regulated 5V to external devices via the USB ports in suitable outdoor light conditions.

Note: ① For ideal usage effect, the solar panel should be placed in sunlight, facing the sun and without any glass or other obstacles blocking it. It is recommended to use with solar power manager module for stable and safe 5V output.
② When connecting to the external 5V device via USB port, it must be used under a good and stable outdoor sunlight condition, avoiding that the solar panel cannot output full 5V power supply continuously and stably due to insufficient light or large light changes, which will affect the normal work of the device or even damage it.
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