TF-Luna Lidar Ranging Sensor, 8m Ranging Distance, Low Power & Compact Size, Easy to integrate, Mini Laser ranging module, TOF Ranging Principle

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TF-Luna Lidar Ranging Sensor, 8m Ranging Distance, Low Power & Compact Size, Easy to integrate, Mini Laser ranging module, TOF Ranging Principle
TF-Luna Lidar Ranging Sensor

8m Ranging Distance Low Power Compact Size Easy Integration

Ranging distance 0.2~8.0m @90% reflectivity (Indoor 0klux)
0.2~2.5m @10% reflectivity (Indoor 0klux)
0.2~8.0m @90% reflectivity (Outdoor 90klux)
0.2~2.5m @10% reflectivity (Outdoor 90klux)
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.2~3m)
Frame rate UART: 1~250Hz (adjustable, default 100Hz)
I2C: 1~100Hz (adjustable)
Distance resolution 1cm
Ambient light tolerance 70klux Operating temperature -10~60℃
Optical parameters
Light source VCSEL Central wavelength 850nm
Eye safety Class1 (IEC60825) Field of view
Electrical parameters
Power supply 3.7~5.2V Average current ≤70mA
Power ≤0.35W Peak current 150mA
Communication level LVTTL (3.3V) Communication interface UART, I2C, I/O
Dimension 35.00 × 21.25 × 13.50mm Case material ABS/PC
Storage temperature -20~75℃ Weight <5g

TOF ranging principle

TF-Luna is a single-point ranging Lidar based on the TOF principle, with unique
optical and electrical design, it can achieve stable, accurate, and highly sensitive
distance measurement

Powerful adaptability

Built-in multiple adaptive algorithms, multiple adjustable configurations and parameters, features excellent ranging performance in complex environments and can meet more application requirements

High Performance, More Stable

Features high stability, high accuracy, and high sensitivity performance
in the short-range of 0.2m~8m

Compact size, more flexible integration

Adopts a compact structural design, with smaller size and lower power consumption, can be embedded inside the robot to reduce the overall size and improve its passability

Low power consumption, More power saving

Power consumption ≤ 0.35W, which is suitable for battery-powered or low-power applications

Supports UART and I2C Interfaces

For Use With Controller Boards Like Raspberry Pi/Raspberry Pi Pico/ESP32/Arduino

Number Function Description
1 +5V Power supply
2 RXD/SDA UART RX / I2C data
3 TXD/SCL UART TX / I2C clock
4 GND ground
5 Configuration Input I2C mode: ground
UART mode: disconnected or 3.3V
6 Multiplexing output On/off mode: output
I2C mode open and on/off mode close: data ready signal

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PRODUCTTF-LunaTFmini-STFmini PlusTFmini-i
performanceRanging distance 0.2~8.0m @90% reflectivity
0.2~2.5m @10% reflectivity
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity
0.1~7.0m @10% reflectivity
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity
0.1~4.0m @10% reflectivity
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity
0.1~7.0m @10% reflectivity
Frame rate 1~250Hz (UART)
1~100Hz (I2C)
1~1000Hz (UART)
1~100Hz (I2C)
1~1000Hz (UART)
1~100Hz (I2C)
Distance resolution 1cm
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.2m~3.0m)
Field of view 3.6°
and interface
Output data Single-point distance value
Communication UART, I2C, I/O RS485
Power supply 3.7V~5.2V 5V±0.1V 5V±0.5V 7V~30V
Power ≤0.35W ≤0.70W 550mW ≤0.80W@12V
(L × H × W)
35.00×21.25×13.50mm 42.00×15.00×16.00mm 35.00×18.50×21.00mm 50.00×34.00×41.00mm
Weight <5g 5g±0.3g 12g±1g 52g

Weight: 0.013 kg

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