13.3inch Magic Mirror, Voice Assistant, Touch Control

* Power Plug



13.3inch Magic Mirror, Voice Assistant, Touch Control, Raspberry Pi 3A+ Inside
Powerful Controller: Raspberry Pi 3A+

a screen with Raspberry Pi 3A+ as the controller

Read the news through one-way mirror

Other than a normal mirror, this magic mirror will show you news, weather, time, and more user-defined content

I'm listening, then let me tell you

Embedded microphone and speaker, adopts Snowboy hotword detection engine
Google Assistant for English, and iFLYTEK for Chinese

Transform to mini-computer in one second

Just connect mouse and keyboard, now I'm a Raspberry Pi mini-computer

Landscape or Portrait

Display orientation is changeable by easy configuration

Touch Control

1)up to 10-points touch, depending on the operating system.

Audio Feature

1)Embedded dual track ferrite Hi-Fi speaker, dual track high quality MEMS silicon microphone

Appearance and Dimensions
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ProductControllerResolutionTouch controlEthernetWireless2Features
13.3inch PiPad Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ 1920 × 1080 10-points
audio jack
13.3inch PiPad C4A Compute Module 4 Gigabit
13.3inch PiPad C4 Compute Module 41
13.3inch Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ 100M speaker,
audio jack,
speech assistant,
one-way mirror
13.3inch Magic Mirror C4A Compute Module 4 Gigabit
13.3inch Magic Mirror C4 Compute Module 41
  1. indicating the controller is NOT included
  2. the wireless networking function depends on the controller itself

Quick Overview

  1. 13.3inch Magic Mirror x1
  2. OPTIONS 12V power adapter x1
  3. Card reader x1
  4. Micro SD card x1
13.3inch Magic Mirror