RTC WatchDog HAT for Raspberry Pi, Auto Reset, High Precision RTC

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It is recommended to purchase the alternative solution: RTC Watchdog HAT (B).
RTC WatchDog HAT for Raspberry Pi, auto reset, high precision RTC
RTC WatchDog HAT for Raspberry Pi

Real time clock, watchdog, all in one compact module

Designed for Raspberry Pi series

Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header, for Raspberry Pi series boards, Jetson Nano

for reference ONLY, Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano are NOT included.
Auto reset monitoring

MAX705 monitoring circuit with auto reset function

High precision RTC

incorporates DS3231SN high precision RTC chip, with backup battery holder

What's On Board
  1. USB Type-C power input
  2. MAX705 watchdog
  3. Watchdog output enable
    1: enabled
    0: disabled
  4. CR1220 RTC battery holder
    RTC power supply, supports CR1220 button cell
  5. Watchdog output warning
    lights up if the watchdog is overflow
  1. Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header
  2. RTC chip
    DS3231 high precision RTC chip
  3. Watchdog reset pin selection
  4. Control interface
    for use with other host boards
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Weight: 0.017 kg

Quick Overview

  1. RTC WatchDog HAT x1
  2. 2×20PIN female header x1
  3. Standoffs pack x1