Industrial IoT Mini-computer Add-ons, 4G / PoE Features, Based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3 / CM3+ Series

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Compute Module Industrial IoT Mini-Computer, with 4G Connectivity and PoE Feature, for Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3+ Series
Compute Module Industrial IoT Computer

for Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3 / CM3 Lite / CM3+ / CM3+ Lite

The CM-IO-POE-4G-BOX is an industrial grade IoT mini-computer designed for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 / 3+ (not included). It features communication functions including global 4G/3G/2G cellular, PoE Ethernet, and WiFi wireless. There are also various industrial isolated interfaces such as CAN, RS485, RS232, ADC, and GPIO, which make it an ideal choice for sorts of industrial IoT applications.

Features at a glance
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3 Lite / CM3+ / CM3+ Lite
  • Adopts SIM7600G-H global 4G/3G/2G communication module
  • 10/100M auto-negotiation Ethernet port, with PoE enabled
  • Supports 2.4GHz WiFi wireless connection
  • USB HUB and USB TO UART, allows connecting more USB devices
  • Provides various industrial isolated interfaces: CAN/RS485/RS232/ADC/GPIO/RTC
  • Onboard multi video/audio ports like HDMI/DSI/CSI
Ethernet 10/100M auto-negotiation Ethernet port, with PoE enabled, RJ45 connector
Cellular supports global 4G/3G/2G communication (via onboard SIM slot)
WiFi supports 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Video / Audio
Camera 2x CSI ports, can be used simultaneously
Display DSI port, for connecting Raspberry Pi DSI display
Audio 3.5mm audio jack, stereo output
Speaker 4PIN speaker connector, supports 8Ω 5W speaker
Industrial Isolated Interfaces
1 × RS232 DR9 (male), isolated, with TVS protection, anti-surge, and ESD protection
1 × RS485 screw terminal, isolated, with 600W lightningproof, anti-surge, and 15KV ESD protection, allows using 120Ω terminal resistor
1 × CAN screw terminal, isolated, lightningproof, and ESD protection, allows using 120Ω terminal resistor
4 × GPIO screw terminal, isolated, 2 channels as isolated input, 2 channels as isolated output
1 × ADC screw terminal, isolated, 16-bit, 860SPS
Common used ports
2 × USB2.0 USB type-A connector
1 × USB SLAVE for burning system image into CM3 / CM3+
1 × USB TO UART connects to Raspberry Pi serial port by default, configurable by jumper
1 × RTC real time clock
1 × Micro SD card slot for Micro SD card with pre-burnt system (CM3 Lite / CM3+ Lite only)
1 × SIM slot supports standard 4G/3G/2G cellular SIM card
Power supply DC 7~36V wide voltage range input
Case Industrial grade aluminum alloy case
look inside

Integrates powerful industrial control base board with PoE Ethernet / 4G / WiFi support
as well as various industrial isolated interfaces

Designed For CM3 / CM3+ series

Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3 / CM3 Lite / CM3+ / CM3+ Lite
onboard various import resources, allows connecting display, camera, USB devices...

Note: Compute Module is NOT included.
Rich & handy interfaces

various industrial isolated interfaces: CAN/RS485/RS232/ADC/GPIO/RTC

PoE Ethernet, 4G cellular, WiFi connectivity

PoE power over Ethernet features, 802.3af-compliant
Global 4G/3G/2G cell communication, up to 150Mbps data rate
2.4GHz WiFi wireless connection

Aluminum alloy heatsink

effective heat dissipation

Wall mount support

wall mount holes on two sides, handy for mounting

Application examples

Binocular Vision, PoE Powered Raspberry Pi Projects, Or Other Industrial Context

What's on board
  1. Compute Module socket
    for connecting Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3 / CM3 Lite / CM3+ / CM3+ Lite
  2. PoE enabled Ethernet port
    10/100M auto-negotiation, with PoE Power Over Ethernet features
  3. USB Ports
  4. HDMI Ports
  5. 3.5mm audio jack
  6. Dual-channels speaker connector
    allows you to burn system image into CM3 or CM3+
    for serial debugging
  9. DC power input
    supports 7-36V power supply
  10. DSI display port
    for connecting Raspberry Pi LCD
  11. CSI camera port
    for connecting Raspberry Pi Camera
  12. RTC real time clock battery holder
    supports rechargeable Li cell ML1220
  13. 4G antenna connector
  14. WiFi antenna connector
  15. Isolated ADC
    ADC differential input
  16. Isolated 5V power
    max output current 100mA
  17. Isolated GPIO
    allows controlling / detecting devices via GPIO
  18. Isolated RS485 interface
  19. Isolated CAN interface
  20. Isolated RS232 interface
  1. SIM slot
    supports standard 4G/3G/2G SIM card
  2. Micro SD card slot
    insert a Micro SD card with pre-burnt system, to start up CM3 Lite / CM3+ Lite variant
  3. SIM7600G-H communication module
    supports 4G/3G/2G communication and GNSS function
  4. WiFi module
    supports 2.4G WiFi connection
  5. Buzzer
  6. DS3231
    high precision RTC chip, I2C bus
  7. Raspberry Pi indicator
    ACT: Raspberry Pi operating status indicator
    PWR: Raspberry Pi power indicator
  8. SIM7600G-H indicator
    NET: network indicator
    STA: status indicator
  9. User LED
    handy for I/O output testing, or program running status monitoring
  10. Serial port connection setting
  11. Volume adjustment
  12. PoE configuration
    DIS: disable PoE
    EN: enable PoE
  13. ADC chip power supply selection
  14. RS485 CAN terminal resistor selection
Outline dimensions
Resources & Services

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Quick Overview

  1. Aluminum alloy case x1
  2. Compute Module PoE 4G Board x1
  3. Aluminum alloy heatsink x1
  4. Screws pack x1
  5. Thermal tape x2
  6. OPTIONS 12V/2A power adapter x1
  7. Screwdriver x1
  8. Antenna x2

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