PCIe TO M.2 Adapter, Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

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Part Number: PCIe TO M.2 (A)
Brand: Waveshare


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PCIe TO M.2 adapter, supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
PCI-E to M.2 adapter

adapter for NVMe protocol M.2 SSD, faster reading/writing, improving efficiency

Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

compatible with multi PCI-E specifications

Supports base boards with PCI-E×1 / ×4 / ×8 / ×16 socket, supports CM4

Faster reading/writing

faster reading/writing speed than HDD, greatly boosting drive performance

* The data above comes from Waveshare testing, for reference only.
NVMe drive protocol support
compatible with different sizes of M.2 SSD
onboard operating indicator

the LED lights up when power-on, and keeps blinking while reading/writing

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  1. PCIe-TO-M.2-A x1
  2. Screws pack x1