Aluminum Chamfered Design Case for Raspberry Pi 4B, Distinctive Tech Feeling

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Aluminum Chamfered Design Case for Raspberry Pi 4B, distinctive tech feeling
Aluminum Chamfered Design Case for Pi 4B

Straight-line Chamfered design, distinctive tech feeling

Please insert the Micro SD card to Raspberry Pi before installing the case.
Aluminum alloy material

Heavy aluminum alloy material, better heat dissipation

Precise Opening Design

Reversed GPIO Slot And Openings For Sorts Of Connectors

for reference only, Raspberry Pi 4 is NOT included.
Two forms, Two Usages

When the 40PIN GPIO is idle, install the slide cover for dust-proof

When using with HATs, remove the slide cover to access the 40PIN GPIO header

How to install

Step 1

Align the Raspberry Pi with Micro SD card installed with the hole and fix it on the bottom case with a screw, and attach the side panel to the bottom case and tighten the screws.

* Please note that the larger screw holes of the side panels should face outward.

Step 2

Insert the slide cover, then close the top case, tighten the screws.

* Remove the slide cover if you need to use the 40PIN GPIO.

Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.13 kg

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