360° Omni-directional Triangulation Lidar, 8m Radius Ranging, Software Start-stop Control, D200 Developer Kit with LD14P Lidar

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360° Omni-directional Triangulation Lidar, 8m Radius Ranging, Software Start-stop Control, Robot Positioning Lidar, UART Communication, D200 Developer Kit with LD14P Lidar
D200 LiDAR Kit

360° Laser Scanning

Ranging Distance(m) 0.1≤D≤0.5 0.5<D≤1 1≤D≤2 2≤D≤4 4≤D≤6 6≤D≤8
White target
Ranging Accuracy
±5mm ±10mm ±1.0% ±1.0% ±1.0% ±1.5%
Black target
Ranging Accuracy
±7mm ±12mm ±1.2% ±1.2% ±1.5% NA
1. The reflectivity of the white target is 80%, the reflectivity of the black target is 4.0% (tested by C84-III Reflectometer).
2. Raning accuracy: each point is within ±1° horizontal from the center of the acquisition baffle, calculate the average value of 30 consecutive data
Ranging Range 0.1 ~ 8.0m
Scanning Frequency 6Hz by default, 2 ~ 8 Hz externally controllable
Scanning Angle 360°
Ranging Frequency 4000 Hz
Ambient Light Tolerance * 80000Lux (tested under sunlight condition)
Wavelength 775 ~ 800nm (Typ 793)
Communication Interface UART @ 230400
Power Supply DC 5V±10%
Power Consumption ≤ 1.5 W
Operating Current ≤ 300 mA
Weight 101 g
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Lifetime 2200 hours
(L × W × H)
96.3 × 59.8 × 38.80mm
* Note: This data was tested by Waveshare Lab, for reference only, the actual data may be affected by environmental factors

Supports Start-stop Control via Software

Supports controlling Lidar start/stop by sending corresponding commands via serial port, effectively prolonging its lifetime

8m Radius Ranging

LD14P can sense the environment information in a longer range, which ensures the robot’s ability to cruise and build maps in a larger area and obtain more environmental profile information

Support glass wall detection

Supports glass wall detection at specific angles, reducing collisions during robot operation, extending the lifetime of the whole machine, and increasing safety

360° Omnidirectional Laser Scanning

LD14P rotates clockwise in the ranging core to achieve 360° scanning of the surrounding environment, thus obtaining the information of the plane point cloud of the space where it is located.

Strong Ambient Light Tolerance

Better filter processing technology, supports using in the 80000 Lux strong light environment, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments

4000Hz Ranging Frequency

 4000Hz ranging frequency which can easily scan the outline of the scene within the ranging range and realize fast and accurate mapping

Triangulation Technology

The LD14P in the D200 Developer Kit is based on triangulation radar technology to achieve independent mapping and obstacle detection for the robot

Thin, compact and stylish appearance

With a thin and light structure design, while ensuring performance, it features smaller size, lower power consumption, and easier installation, can be adapted to more robot types

Laser Safety FDA Class 1

To ensure the safety for humans and pets, a low power infrared laser emitter is used as the light source and is driven by modulated pulses, the laser completes the emitting action in a very short period of time, complying with the FDA Class 1 human eye safety rating

High-performance Light-sensitive CMOS

LD14P adopts high-performance light-sensitive CMOS, higher efficiency, more stable performance, more dense collecting points, and more accurate mapping

Application examples
Outline dimensions
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Product Selection
RANGING DISTANCE 0.15 ~ 12.00 m 0.05~12.00m (white object, 70% reflectivity)
0.05~6.00m (black object, 10% reflectivity)
0.03~12.00m 0.15 ~ 8.00 m 0.03~25.00 m
RANGING ACCURACY 1% of actual distance (≤3 m) ±30mm ±10 mm (0.3 ~ 0.5m)
±20mm (0.5 ~ 2m)
±30mm (2 ~ 12m)
White target:
±5mm (0.1~0.5m)
±10mm (0.5~1m)
±1.0% of actual distance (1~6 m)
±1.5% of actual distance (6~8 m)
±15mm (0.03~2m)
±20mm (2~8m)
±30mm (>8m)
Black target:
±7mm (0.1~0.5m)
±12mm (0.5~1m)
±1.2% of actual distance (1~4 m)
±1.5% of actual distance (4~6 m)
NA (6~8m)
SCANNING FREQUENCY 5.5 Hz 8~12Hz (Typ 10) 6~13Hz (Typ 10) 6Hz by default, 2 ~ 8 Hz externally controllable 10 Hz
SCANNING ANGLE 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
RANGING FREQUENCY 8000 Hz 5000 Hz 5000 Hz 4000Hz 21600Hz
RESOLUTION ≤ 1% of actual distance (≤12 m)
≤ 2% of actual distance (within 12~16 m)
15 mm 15 mm ≈ 17 mm 15~30 mm
WAVELENGTH 785 nm 905 nm 895 ~ 915 nm (Typ 905) 775 ~ 800 nm (Typ 793) 895 ~ 915 nm (Typ 905)
POWER SUPPLY 5 V 5 V 5 V DC 5V±10% 4.5~5V
POWER CONSUMPTION 0.5 W 1.15W 1.45W ≈ 1.5 W 1.45W
OPERATING CURRENT 100mA 230mA 290mA ≤300mA 290mA
WEIGHT 248g 110g 45g 101g 46.1g
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C ~ 40°C -10 ~ 40°C -10 ~ 45°C -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 50°C
DIMENSIONS(L × W × H) 96.8 × 70.3 × 55.0mm 55.60 × 55.60 × 41.3mm 54.00 × 46.29 × 35.00 96.3 × 59.8 × 38.80mm 54.00 × 46.29 × 34.80mm

Weight: 0.143 kg

Quick Overview

  1. LD14P Lidar x1
  2. 4pin cable ~9cm x1
  3. Adapter x1
  4. Packaging box x1