Extended 4-Ch PCIe Gen 2 ×1 Expander, Stable Performance, Driver-Free

SKU: 21364
Part Number: PCIe-Packet-Switch-4P
Brand: Waveshare


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Extended 4-ch PCIe Gen 2 ×1 expander, stable performance, driver-free
Extended 4-ch PCIe expander

Driver-free, Plug & play

Features at a glance
  • Extending 1-ch PCIe to 4-ch PCIe Gen 2 × 1 sockets, PCIe Gen 1 × 1 compatible
  • Flexible power supply options: powered from either PCIe 12V, OR from 12V DC header
  • Adopts ASM1184 controller, driver-free, plug and play
  • Not allow direct plugging onto PC mother board
Driver-free, Plug & play

Extended 4-ch PCIe Gen 2 ×1

working with official CM4 IO board

working with CM4 IoT industrial control base

* for reference only, the CM4 and base boards are NOT included.
High performance controller

adopts ASMedia controller, supports PCIe 2.0 full speed stable data transmission
significantly improved performance than other average chips

Flexible power supply option

in additional to the power supply from PCIe interface, there's also power header for external 5V/12V input,
providing stable and adequate power supply

Note: when using 5V power input, please make sure that there's no voltage output from the PCIe interface
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Weight: 0.034 kg

Quick Overview

  1. PCIe-Packet-Switch-4P x1
  2. Screws pack x1