M.2 M KEY To A KEY Adapter, for PCIe Devices, Supports USB Conversion

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Part Number: M.2 M KEY TO M.2 A KEY




M.2 M KEY to A KEY adapter, only supports devices with PCIE channel, supports USB conversion
M.2 M KEY to A KEY adapter

Only supports devices with PCIE channel

Multiple specifications compatible
LED indicators

the LED1 will light up when device is driven successfully, the LED2 keeps off by default

Supports USB conversion

connected via a USB adapter cable

Application example
for reference ONLY, the CM4 base board, antennas, and wireless NIC are NOT included.
Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.014 kg

Quick Overview

  1. M.2 M KEY TO M.2 A KEY x1
  2. USB-A to SH1.0 2pin cable x1
  3. Screws pack x1