HDMI 4k Splitter, 1 In 4 Out, Share One HDMI source

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HDMI 4k Splitter, 1 In 4 Out, Share One HDMI source
4-Out HDMI Splitter

1 In 4 Out | 4K Support | No Delay In Sound

Allows multi display devices to share one HDMI source, high-resolution and smooth

Features at a glance
  • Data rates up to 3Gbps
  • Compatible with HDMI1.4B and DVI 1.0
  • Supports 4K/2K@30Hz and 4K/2K(YCbCr420)@60Hz resolution
  • Supports 10/12/16 BIT color depth
  • Built-in input equalizer, can automatically adjust the input signal, for getting higher quality TMDS input
  • Built-in output drive regulator, can automatically adjust the output signal amplitude, for getting higher quality TMDS output
4K high-resolution support

Supports 4K/2K@30Hz and 4K/2K (YCbCr420)@60Hz resolution
Clearer & Smoother image, No Delay In Sound

High-speed Transmission, no lag

Built-in Adjustment Function for Input and Output, Free to Transmit With
Different Cables. Data Transfer Speed Up To 3Gbps

Applicable scenarios

Display the same HDMI signal at multiple screens, suitable for
simultaneous live or screen recording

* Each screen needs to be compatible with the input HDMI resolution, otherwise it will display abnormally

Interface Introduction

1 In 4 Out HDMI ports and Type-C power supply (5V/1A)

LED indicators

Indicate the working status of each port

Mini, Neat & Portable

Almost as small as a credit card, easy to carry, space-efficient

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