IMX335 5MP USB Camera (A) , Large Aperture, 2K Video Recording, Plug-and-Play, Driver Free

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Part Number: IMX335 5MP USB Camera (A)
Brand: Waveshare


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IMX335 5MP USB Camera, Large Aperture F1.08, 30FPS 2K Video Recording, Plug-and-Play, Driver Free
5MP M16 camera module

IMX335 sensor, USB port, manually focusing

Pixels 5MP
Sensor IMX335
Interface USB (UVC 1.0 compliant)
Camera Sensor size 1/2.8 inch
Aperture (F) 1.08
Focal length (EFL) 3.91 mm
Field of view (FOV) 106°(D) 92.6°(H) 48.6°(V)
Focusing manually focusing
Image Format support MJPG, YVY2
Static image resolution 2592 × 1944
Video recording 20 FPS 2592 × 1944
30 FPS 1920 × 1080
30 FPS 1280 × 720
Operating voltage 5V ± 5%
Camera size 23.50 × 19.50 × 36.94 mm
Module size 38.00 × 38.00 mm
Connecting with USB cable
Outline dimensions
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Part Number Pixels Sensor Best Resolution Dimension Field of View  Feature
OV2710 2MP USB Camera (A) 2MP OV2710 1920x1080 38x38mm 145° Low-light sensitivity
OV5693 5MP USB Camera (A) 5MP OV5693 2592x1944 18×40mm 135° Auto focus
OV5640 5MP USB Camera (B) 5MP OV5640 2592x1944 9×62mm 68° Small size, auto focus
OV5640 5MP USB Camera (C) Small size
IMX335 5MP USB Camera (A) 5MP IMX335 2592x1944 38×38mm 106° Manual focus
IMX179 8MP USB Camera (A) 8MP IMX179 3288x2512 38x38mm 145° HD, embedded digital mic
IMX258 13MP OIS USB Camera (A) 13MP IMX258 4224×3192 38×35.8mm 127° HD, OIS

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