Core4337, LPC Core Board

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LPC4337JBD144 MCU core board


Core4337 is an LPC MCU core board that features an LPC4337JBD144 device as the microcontroller, supports further expansion.

  • integrated MCU basic circuit, such as clock circuit, USB power management, USB interface, etc.
  • all the I/O ports are accessible on the pin headers
  • onboard JTAG/SWD programming/debugging interface
  • 2.0mm header pitch design, suitable for being plugged-in your application system

What's On Board

LPC4337JBD144 core board on board resource
  1. LPC4337JBD144:the LPC ARM Cortex-M4/M0 dual-core microcontroller:
    • Core: Cortex-M4 processor, 204MHz Max
    • Core: Cortex-M0 coprocessor, 204MHz Max
    • Package: LQFP144
    • I/Os: 83
    • Memories: FLASH total 1M, SRAM total 136kB, ROM 64kB, E2PROM 16kB, OTP memory 64 bit
    • Interfaces:
      • 1 x SPIFI, 1 x 10/100T MAC
      • 1 x High-speed USB2.0 Host/Device/OTG
      • 1 x High-speed USB 2.0 Host/Device
      • 1 x 550 UART, 3 x 550 USART, 1 x IrDA
      • 2 x CAN 2.0, 2 x SSP, 1 x SPI, 1 x Fast-mode Plus I2C
      • 1 x standard I2C-bus, 2 x I2S, 1 x EMC, 1 x SD/MMC
      • 1 x PWM, 1 x QEI, 1 x 10-bit DAC, 2 x 10-bit ADC
  2. AMS1117-3.3 (on bottom side), 3.3V voltage regulator
  3. LM3625-H (on bottom side), USB power management device
  4. QSPI FLASH solder pads (on bottom side), for soldering external Flash if required
  5. Power indicator
  8. Reset button
  9. 12M crystal oscillator
  10. 32.768K crystal, for internal RTC with calibration
  11. JTAG/SWD interface: for debugging/programming
  12. USB1 interface:
    • Device mode: communicating with computer
    • Host mode: communicating with USB devices (such as USB Flash Drive) through an adapter cable
  13. USB0 interface, features USB OTG function
  14. MCU pins expander, VCC, GND and all the I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
  15. 5Vin power input, power the core board from external supply (while working on USB HOST/OTG mode, a 5V power input is required)
  16. BOOT configuration
  17. VBAT selection jumper
    • short the jumper to use system power supply
    • open the jumper to connect the VBAT to external power supply, such as battery
  18. USB PWR OUT jumper
    • short the jumper: powered from USB1 VBUS (it's possible to provide power to the mother board via the 5V pin)
    • open the jumper: powered from the mother board
  19. USB1 jumper
    • short the jumper when using USB1
    • open the jumper to disconnect from I/O port
  20. USB0 jumper
    • short the jumper when using USB1
    • open the jumper to disconnect from I/O port



Note: Debugger and Mother board in the photos are NOT included in the price.


Core4337 Dimensions

Development Resources

  • Related software (KEIL etc.)
  • Examples in C
  • Schematic (PDF)
  • LPC Cortex-M3/M4 development documentations


Package Content

Weight: 0.05 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Core4337 LPC MCU board x1
  2. USB type A plug to mini-B plug cable x1
  3. Software CD x1

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