FT232 USB UART Board (Type C), USB To UART (TTL) Communication Module, USB-C Connector

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Part Number: FT232 USB UART Board (Type C)
Brand: Waveshare


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FT232 USB To UART (TTL) Communication Module, USB-C Connector
FT232 USB-C To UART Module

adopts FT232RL, compatible with 3.3V/5V logic level

Features at a glance
  • Original FT232RL onboard
  • Supports Mac OS, Linux, Android, WinCE, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11...
  • 3x VCCIO power mode via jumper setting:
    • VCCIO - 5V: 5V output
    • VCCIO - 3.3V: 3.3V output
    • open the jumper: powered from target board (3.3V-5V)
  • 3x LED indicators: TXD, RXD, PWR
  • Pins accessible on pinheaders: TXD, RXD, RTS#, CTS#
  • Other pins are accessible on drilled holes, easily connected to user application system (the pin pitch is compatible with universal prototype board)
FT232 solution
Hardware connection

In the case of working with MCU

  • VCCIO ↔ 3.3V or 5V output (the module is powered from USB, and the onboard jumper should be shorted to 3.3V or 5V)
  • GND ↔ GND
  • TXD ↔ MCU.RX (signal direction: MCU.RX << FT232 << PC.TX)
  • RXD ↔ MCU.TX (signal direction: MCU.TX >> FT232 >> PC.RX)
  • RTS ↔ MCU.CTS (signal direction: MCU.CTS << FT232 << PC.RTS)
  • CTS ↔ MCU.RTS (signal direction: MCU.RTS >> FT232 >> PC.CTS)
CAUTION: the module is compatible with TTL level ONLY, to avoiding any damage, please DON'T direct connect it to RS232 circuit.
Outline Dimensions
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Weight: 0.012 kg

Quick Overview

  1. FT232 USB UART Board (Type C) x1
  2. 6-pin custom connector jumper wire x1
  3. 5-pin male pinheader & 5-pin female pinheader x2