Core1262 LF/HF LoRa Module, SX1262 chip, Long-Range Communication, Anti-Interference, Suitable for Sub-GHz band

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Core1262 LF/HF LoRa Module, SX1262 chip, Long-Range Communication, Anti-Interference, Suitable for Sub-GHz band
Core1262 LoRa Module

Suitable for Sub-GHz band

Features at a glance
  • The new generation SX1262 has higher power efficiency and longer transmission distance than the SX1278
  • Suitable for Sub-GHz band, combined with the gateway, quick connect to cloud servers to build LoRa/LoRaWAN network
  • Suitable for the application scenarios such as industry, smart home and data acquisition
  • Adopts high-quality components such as TCXO for working stably under harsh conditions
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi Pico/STM32)

Version Options

HF version is 850 ~ 930MHz frequency
Applicable to Europe, North America and Oceania

LF version is 410 ~ 510MHz frequency
Applicable to Europe, Asia

* Please select the frequency version according to the local radio regulations before placing order

Version Core1262-HF Core1262-LF
RF chip SX1262
Frequency range HF: 850 ~ 930MHz LF: 410 ~ 510MHz
Modulation LoRa/(G)FSK
Data rate 0.018~62.5Kbps (LoRa)
0.6~300Kbps ((G)FSK)
Emit power [email protected]
Spreadind factor SF5 ~ SF12
Operating voltage 3.3V
Module power consumption emitting current: 45mA@14dBm
receiving current: 5.3mA@125KHz
emitting current: 107mA@22dBm
receiving current: 5.3mA@125KHz
Communication bus SPI
Operating temperature 0 ~ 85℃
Connector castellated edge / solder holes, pitch 2.54mm
Dimensions 21.00×52.00mm
Pinout definition
Application example

Industrial environment, smart home, and data acquisition...

SX126x Can Communicate With SX127x

Both SX1262 and SX1268 can communicate with SX1276 and SX1278, which are still compatible with previous LoRa products after upgrading, and provides higher power efficiency and longer transmission distance.

The New Generation LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology

Compared to traditional communication, LoRa Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technologies greatly improve the performance of long-range communication and anti-interference, widely used in military and industrial communication fields.

High-quality Components

For stable performance of communication module

Original chip

Industrial grade crystal oscillator
-40 ~ 85℃

Two connection methods for Antenna
IPEX / Castellated hole

Professional shield
Anti-interference & ESD protection

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Ensure the long time working of the module without frequency shift at the high
and low temperature environment of industry

Actual test environment

Sunny weather with an open field, 22dBm emit power, airspeed 0.3kbps,
6dBi magnetic CB antenna, 3m antenna height, 5km distance

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