4inch Resistive Touch LCD, 480×800, 8080 Parallel Interface

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4inch 480×800 Pixels IPS LCD, Resistive Touch, 8080 Parallel Interface


This is a multicolor graphic IPS LCD display, 4inch diagonal, 480×800 pixels, with resistive touch screen. It adopts 8080 parallel interface for LCD communication, and supports host controllers such as STM32.


  • 4inch 65K colorful screen
  • 480×800 resolution, clear display
  • Adopts 16-bit parallel bus transmission, fast data rate
  • Onboard touch controller, smoother touch experience
  • Programmable backlight control, power saving
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for STM32)

Key Parameters

Driver NT35510
Touch Controller XPT2046
Communication Interface LCD: 16-bit parallel
Touch panel: SPI
Display Colors RGB, 65K colors
Resolution 480 × 800
Backlight LED
Display Size (mm) 51.84mm × 86.40mm
Outline Dimensions 59.0mm × 111.0mm
Touch Type 4-wire resistive
Power Supply Voltage 5V/3.3V
Logic Level 3.3V

Interface Definition

1 5V Power positive, 5V input When P1 and P2 connecting with 5V power supply, the P33 and P34 will provide 3.3V output
2 GND Ground Ground
3~18 D0~D15 Data pin 16Bit bi-directional data line
19 LCD_CS LCD chip select Low active
20 DC Data/Command selection DC = 1 : data register
DC = 0 : command register
21 WR Write WR = 0, RD = 1
22 RD Read WR = 1, RD = 0
23 RST Reset Low active
24 NC Not connected Floating
25 BL_VCC 5V OR 3.3V Backlight VCC
26 GND Ground Backlight GND
27 BL Backlight adjustment Adjust the backlight brightness via PWM
28 TP_IRQ Touch panel interrupt Low when the panel is touched
29 TP_CS Touch panel chip select Low active
30 TP_SCK Touch panel SPI clock Connect to SPI.SCK
31 TP_SDI Touch panel SPI data input Connect to SPI.MOSI
32 TP_SDO Touch panel SPI data output Connect to SPI.MISO
33 3.3V Power positive, 3.3V input When P33 and P34 connecting with 3.3V power supply, leave the P1 and P2 floating
34 GND Ground Ground

External Dimension

4inch Resistive Touch LCD external dimension

Development Resources

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/4inch_Resistive_Touch_LCD

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