OAK-D-Lite HD Camera Development Kit, OpenCV AI Machine Vision Kit

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OAK-D-Lite HD camera development kit, OpenCV AI machine vision kit
OAK-D-Lite OpenCV AI Machine Vision Kit

depth measuring / image recognition & location / safety & security monitoring
intelligent driving / robotics / object tracking

The OAK-D-Lite is the extremely cost effective solution of the OAK USB series, which provides similar performance as the OAK-D, except IMU, at a much lower price. It combines functions including depth perception, object detection (neural inference) and object tracking, together with easy-to-use Python API to help you use these functions. The OAK-D-Lite integrates three onboard cameras (1x 4K/30fps RGB camera, 2x mono binocular cameras) and USB3.0 Type-C port, it is accessible through USB connection on hosts like desktop computer, Raspberry Pi, and other popular embedded hosts.

Depth measuring range 0.2 ~ 9 m
Depth camera 0.3MP, global shutter
RGB camera 13MP
max framerate 60fps (RGB), 200fps (Depth)
AI chip Intel Myriad X 4TOPS computing performance
Video plug flow 4K 30 fps H.265 plug flow
Connector USB3.0 Type-C
NN platform support all platforms
Power consumption avg 2.5W
Development language Python, C++
Eclosure aluminum enclosure
Weight 61g

powerful computing performance

the OAK provides up to 4TOPS computing performance,
10 times of OpenMV, 40 times of Raspberry Pi 4B

camera specifications
use free neural networks
or create your own

The OAK-D-Lite adopts Myriad X for binocular depth calculating as well as AI neural inference, then providing direct outputs like target coordinates, recognition results, and so on. More other functions can be achieved by calling the API, which allows you to build your own system easier.

Extensive applications

the OAK can be widely used thanks to its rich functions and technologies,
it will upgrade your project to the next level by enabling the computer vision feature

Intelligent traffic
Detection and recognition for motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, traffic events...

Intelligent driving
Recognizing and ranging around vehicles and road conditions, recognizing the driver status and providing intelligent assistance.

Intelligent safety & security
The neural network keeps learning new sudden human body features and event accidents, providing intelligent detection and giving alarm for human abnormal behaviors and accidents.

Used on industrial robots field, enabling robot functions like target identification, positioning, size measuring, binocular depth mapping, navigation...

Math contest
Suitable for teaching competitions like robotic vision, OpenCV, AI IoT projects, Python programming, and so on.

Platform & language support
Framework & neural network support
Working with tripod
for reference only, the Mini Tripod is NOT included.
Outline dimensions
Resources & Services
Product selection guide
IMU - support
RGB CAMERA 13MP (4208×3120) 12MP (4032×3040)
Binocular Depth Camera 480P (640×480) 1MP (1280×800)
FOV (RGB) 81°D / 69°H /54°V 81°D/ 69°H / 55°V
FOV (Depth) 86° D/ 73° H/58°V 89°D/ 80° H/ 55°V 82°D/ 72° H/ 50°V 89°D/ 80° H/ 55°V
IR sensitive - support -
Depth technology Binocular vision Structured light + binocular vision Binocular vision
Depth Accuracy Low Medium High Medium
waterproof rating - IP67 IP65

Weight: 0.103 kg

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