Dedicated Aluminum Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4

SKU: 19623
Part Number: CM4-HEATSINK
Brand: Waveshare


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Dedicated aluminum heatsink for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4, notched for antenna
aluminum heatsink for CM4

Dedicated aluminum heatsink, corrosion / oxidation resisting, better heat dissipation

tailored for CM4 & based board

matching with the CM4 on size and mounting holes, fast heat dissipation

notched for antenna section

no hindrance to the antenna

using with base board
for reference only, CM4 and based boards are NOT included.
comparing CM4 Cooling Solutions
Outline dimensions
How to install

1. Attach thermal tapes onto the CM4, fix the nuts and standoffs to the heatsink

2. Fix the screws as the pictures shown

customizable colors for bulk purchase

black color by default, customizable colors for 500pcs or more, feel free to contact us

Weight: 0.028 kg

Quick Overview

  1. CM4-HEATSINK x1
  2. Screws and thermal tapes x1