DDSM210 Direct Drive Servo Motor, Low Speed & High Torque, Low Noise, All-In-One Design, Hub Motor, Suitable For RC Car Robot DIY

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DDSM210 Direct Drive Servo Motor, Low Speed & High Torque, Low Noise, All-In-One Design, Hub Motor, suitable for RC Car Robot DIY
DDSM210 Direct Drive Servo Motor

Adopts advanced direct drive technology, removes the reducer in the traditional drive solution. Say goodbye to the shortcomings of expensive, noisy, inefficient and bulky

DDSM210 servo motor, overall appearance DDSM210 servo motor features
All-in-one Robot Joint

Based on the integrated development concept, DDSM210 is a high-reliability Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) integrating outer rotor brushless motor, encoder and servo

DDSM210 servo motor usage demo, installing on the robot chassis
Features At A Glance
  • Ultra low noise
  • High precision and zero-backlash
  • Fast response, direct drive without delay
  • Integrated motor and driver, compact structure and high integration
  • Supports UART communication, for obtaining motor feedback information such as position, speed, current, error code, etc
  • With Hall position detection, over-current protection, etc.
  • Supports electric brake
  • No drive mechanical friction, drive efficiency close to 99.99%
No-load speed 210±11rpm Operating temperature -25~45℃
No-load current 0.15A Total weight 216g
Rated speed 98rpm Encoder resolution 12bit
Rated torque 0.25Nm Rated current 1.1A
Locked-rotor torque 0.85Nm Noise level ≦40dB(A)
Torque constant 0.23Nm/A Input voltage 9 ~ 28VDC
Locked-rotor current ≦3.8A Speed constant 14rpm/V

operating modes
DDSM210 servo motor operating mode features

Supports UART Communication

Only 1-Ch UART bus is required to control multiple direct drive servo
motors at the same time

DDSM210 servo motor with UART support, installing on the robot chassis

* the robot chassis shown in the picture is not included, but we provide its open-source drawing, please refer to the Package Content for detailed part list

Closed-loop Control, Multiple Feedback

You can get the motor feedback information such as temperature, position, velocity, current, etc. by communication

DDSM210 servo motor, supports temperature feedback

Temperature Feedback

DDSM210 servo motor, supports position feedback

Position Feedback

DDSM210 servo motor, supports speed feedback

Speed Feedback

DDSM210 servo motor, current speed feedback

Current Feedback

Integrated Direct Drive Design, No Reducer

The integrated direct drive motor design allows the motor to provide smooth torque, steady speed and accurate position without an external reducer, also with the advantages of compact structure and high integration

DDSM210 servo motor design features

Excellent Low Speed Performance
Compact, Yet Powerful

The DDSM210 speed is as low as 1 RPM and its torque up to 0.85Nm

DDSM210 servo motor connecting with cable, overall appearance

Pin Definition
DDSM210 servo motor pin definition
Application Scenarios

Home robots, industrial/commercial robots, fitness equipment, etc.

DDSM210 servo motor Home Robots application scenario

Home Robots

DDSM210 servo motor Industrial Robots application scenario

Industrial Robots

DDSM210 servo motor Fitness Equipment application scenario

Fitness Equipment

DDSM210 servo motor Food Delivery Robots application scenario

Food Delivery Robots

DDSM210 servo motor dimensions
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