Stripe Aluminum Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 4, Built-In Active Radiator with Fins

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Part Number: PI4-CASE-J



Stripe Aluminum Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 4, Built-in active Radiator with Fins
Aluminum Cooling Case for Pi 4

Exquisite striped style, comes with cooling fan

Please insert the Micro SD card to Raspberry Pi before installing the case.
Aluminum alloy material
Active radiator with fins

Multi-layer fins increase the air contact surface, along with built-in cooling fan,
more efficient heat dissipation

for reference only, Raspberry Pi 4 is NOT included.
How to install

Step 1

As shown in the figure below, install the heat sink and SD card on the corresponding position of the Raspberry Pi in advance, then align the Raspberry Pi with the holes and fix it on the bottom case with screws, and install the locking screws on the side panels.

* Please note that the larger screw holes of the side panels should face outward.

Step 2

After connecting the fan, directly insert the cover down and close, then lock the screws.

Outline dimensions

Weight: 0.18 kg

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